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Likes Clay
Hates Hair
Wants Clay
Job Claymaker
Motto Bounce!


A Blob A.png B Blob B.png X Blob X.png Y Blob Y.png

Normal Moves

Attack Stand Far Stand Close Crouching Jump Up Jump Left/ Right
Light Punch 5 5 5 4 5
Medium Punch 9 9 9 8 8
Heavy Punch 13 13 11 14 13
Light Kick 4 5 5 5 6
Medium Kick 9 10 8 9 10
Heavy Kick 11 9 13 13 14
  • crouching HK.png and jumping HP.png can both flatten characters.
  • Blob's normals are overall strong.
  • Blob's strongest standing normals are his HP.png and crouching HK.png.
  • Blob's normals tend to lean on the slow side, but have good range.


  • LP.png x2
  • c.LP.png x3
  • LP.png x Infinity on Jumping opponent's in the corner.
  • LK.png x Infinity on Jumping opponent's in the corner.

Special Moves


  • Arcing Clay Stomp:D.pngF.png+HK.png
This is a command normal and not actually a special Move So it does No chip. It does decent damage, and is quick enough to hit jumping opponents. It will also hit on the way down.


  • Clay Spit: QCF.png+AnyP.png
The initial hit does 7 damage, while the projectile does 10. This will combo if done up close. If an attack is thrown in after the move there is a chance it will combo in as well. Strength used determines speed. It's one of Blob's best moves.

Charge Attacks

  • Somersault Headbutt: QCB.png+AnyP.png
This move is fast and the hit box stays out the entire time the move is out. Once it connects, Blob will slowly jump up. This move will beat out Frosty's tackle, but other than that, it's very unsafe.
  • Buzzsaw: Charge B.png,F.png+AnyP.png
The buzzsaw has been nerfed from the first game, but it's still a decent move. If this move trades with any normal or special attack, both characters will take 10 damage. If this move trades with any cutting move, both characters will take no damage. This move will hit multiple times, especially if done with LP. Strength used determines speed and distance. This move is best used with c.LP for combos.
  • Flying Roundhouse: DP.png+AnyK.png
Blob's most damaging move! Blob will jump over the opponent (if done close enough), and kick them in the back! Maybe use it if the opponent is dizzy, but otherwise stay away from it.
Special Damage
Attack Normal Super KO Chip
Buzzsaw 10 x 2
Clay Spit 7,10** 21,x** 2,5**
Flying Roundhouse 18 27 5
Somersault Headbutt 10 15 3
 **(a,b) a= first physical hit. b= projectile.


  • Normals do decent damage.
  • Can avoid projectiles by blocking low.
  • Clay Spit is a great projectile.
  • Buzzsaw will hit multiple times.
  • Stomp is a great anti-air.
  • HP and HK are good strong pokes.


  • No air moves.
  • No Throw.
  • Slowish normals.
  • How buzzsaw trades with normals and most specials.
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