X-Men vs. Street Fighter

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X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Developer(s) DVS Electronic Co., Ltd?
Release Date LatAm: Unknown

Game info

x men vs street fighter for the snes is a Hong kong bootleg of the same game for arcades made with stolen sprites from X men children of the atom and Street fighter alpha 2

Game info

Just like most other bootlegs there is only 2 attack buttons

  • Punch
  • Kick

  • Meter works just like street fighter ex where its hard to tell when you can actually do a super


Chip works the same way as in sf ex Most specials Crouching kicks and supers do chip and only cyclops and iceman regular fireballs do chip whereas the rest of them do not


  • Grounded jumping attacks

All characters can Do Glitchd jumping attacks with d,u+Attack very quickly Chun and Charlie can only do it with P becuse they have flashkicks that override the input


Just like in SF Ex supering out of your own hitstun is possible Example is ken hits ryu with a hadoken ryu simply does qcfx2+P and does a "hitstun cancel"


Some moves Just hit twice and juggle for no real reason like ryus dp hitting twice In the corner

Tier list

God Wolverine, Ryu, Ken
High Psylocke, Chun li
Mid Cyclops, Iceman
Bottom Nash

X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Chun Li Cyclops Iceman Ken
Nash Psylocke Ryu Wolverine
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