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Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
SFEXPA boxart UL.png
Developer(s) DVS Electronic Co., Ltd?
Release Date LatAm: June 1997?

Game info

Street Fighter EX is a Hong Kong bootleg of Street fighter EX Plus Alpha for the Playstation using all original sprites. It shares engines with X-Men vs. Street Fighter so it has a lot of the same quirks.

Game System

The game Only uses 2 Attack buttons with a third normal by pressing them both together.

  • AnyP.png Punch
  • AnyK.png Kick
  • AnyP.pngAnyK.png Hard Attack

Meter is very hard to actually guage It requires around 35% meter to do any super

  • Chip damage

Chip damage is Done by Various moves Most special moves except for normal fireballs(Gouki air fireball does chip but is the only exception) Crouching Kicks do chip 99% of supers do chip And Hard attacks allways do chip as well

  • Hitstun

Hitstun Is nearly non existant and you cant actually do combos in this game unless your comboing someone who is in a stund state You can allways block low after 1 hit from any move and take just chip after that


  • skullomania and gouki infinete combos

there are 2 true unblockable loop combos in the game and they are both corner infinetes

  • skullo against Gouki only qcf+K Repeat
  • Gouki Against skullo Tiger knee qcf+P Repeat


All shotos dps are very buggy They hit 3 times on block and can randomly do upwords of 60 % by themself depending on positioning Hitbox and character its most prevelant With gouki vs Skullo in the corner


All characters can do super moves out of there own hitstun

An example would be Chun Hits another chun with a spinning bird kick The chun who got hit simply does qcfx2+K and does a "hitstun cancel"

Tier List

God Chun li, Hokuto, Skullomania
Top Gouki, Ken, Ryu, Sakura
Mid Guile
Low Dictator

SFEX Cart UL.png
Street Fighter EX
Chun Li Dictator Guile
Gouki Hokuto Ken
Ryu Sakura Skullomania