Blue Suede Goo

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Blue Suede Goo
Likes Music
Hates Helga
Wants Guitar
Job Musician
Motto Oh Baby!


A BSG A.png B BSG B.png X BSG X.png Y BSG Y.png

Normal Moves

Attack Stand Far Stand Close Crouching Jump Up Jump Left/ Right
Light Punch 3 6 3 4 5
Medium Punch 7 7 7 8 7
Heavy Punch 11 12 11 11 11
Light Kick 4 4 2 5 4
Medium Kick 7 7 7 8 7
Heavy Kick 11 12 10 11 11
  • LP is not good.
  • Normals are of average strength.
  • His strongest normals are his standing close HP and HK.
  • MP, MK, HP, HK have decent range, and make good pokes.


  • c.LP x3
  • LK x4
  • LK x Infinity on jumping opponent in corner.
  • c.LK x3
  • MK x2
  • MP x3

Special Moves


  • Humming Attack: QCF.png+AnyP.png
This has the longest start up of any projectile in the game. BSG's arm can hit up to 3 times before the projectile comes out. It will only combo on a jumping opponent. The hits from BSG's arm do more damage than the projectile itself. The first hit of this move can become unblockable while Super KO is activated.
  • Song Of Pain: HCF.pngB.png+AnyK.png
This move has a faster start up than the Humming Attack. BSG shoots 4 projectiles. This is BSG's best move only problem is it can be difficult to do. The first hit of this move can become unblockable while Super KO is activated.


  • Hair Blade : QCB.png+AnyP.png
This move is quick and has long range. Since BSG crouches while doing this, it is good for punishing whiffed standing punches. It is possible to combo this move after the Hair Slice. It's not a good idea to spam this move because of how trading works for cutting moves. The tip can become unblockable at certain distances. Infinite Hair Blade works on TaffyHead.png HelgaHead.png IckyHead.png.
  • Hair Slice : F.pngD.png+AnyK.png
This is a faster version of the Hair Blade, but with shorter range. This move is good for combos. It's possible to do a Hair Slice into Hair Slice, or 2 Hair Blades. Infinite Hair Slice works on TaffyHead.png HelgaHead.png IckyHead.png.
Special Damage
Attack Normal Super KO Chip
Song of Pain x,7,7,7,7,x* 4,x,x,x,x,4 * 1,2,2,2,2,1
Humming Attack 10, 7** 15, x ** 3, 2**
Hair Blade 10 x 3
Hair Slice 10 x 1
*(a,b,b,b,b,c) a= first physical hit. b= projectile. c=last physical hit.
**(a,b) a= first physical hit. b= projectile.


  • Song of Pain is one of the best moves in the game.
  • Hair Blade is a good move to punish punches.
  • MP, MK, HP, HK are good pokes.
  • Jumping MK is great.
  • Hair Slice is good for combos.


  • No air specials.
  • No hold.
  • No charge moves.
  • Song of Pain can be difficult to do consistently.
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