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Street Fighter who?
For years, they've slumbered. Rising from the ashes in the 21st century, your new favorites from yesteryear are suddenly relevant again!

...Maybe. This wiki is dedicated to those underdog fighting games on the Super Nintendo.
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Super Nintendo

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Super Game Boy

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MUGEN Projects
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Justice League Turbo
Fighters History Dynasties

Big Apple 5 PM
Turtle Recall

Hardware Information
Current Tournament Standards: Ideal Retro Setups in a Tournament Setting
Controllers and You: Reviews of SNES Pads and Fightsticks in 2017

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SNES Games: (list updated manually)
Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbuten, Battle Master, Power Moves, Battle Tycoon
Super GB Games: (list updated manually)
Kettou Beast Wars, Battle Arena Toshinden

If you start an article for a character for any of these games, Kosheh will make you a nice-lookin' profile template for use for that character and any subsequent characters unique to that game!

(this list is updated automatically based on number of article links)