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C2 SlyckProfile.png
Character Bio
Slyck is the evil twin of Blob. He turns into different objects than Blob, but they fight in a similar manner.
Counterpart Blob


Y C2 Slyck 1.png X C2 Slyck 2.png L C2 Slyck 3.png ? C2 Slyck 7.png
B C2 Slyck 4.png A C2 Slyck 5.png R C2 Slyck 6.png ? C2 Slyck 8.png

Normal Moves

Attack Stand Far Stand Close Crouching Jump Up Jump Left/ Right
Light Punch 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5
Medium Punch 5-8 3-6 4-7 4-7 3-6
Heavy Punch 6-9 4-7 6-9 5-8 5-8
Light Kick 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5
Medium Kick 4-7 4-7 3-6 3-6 3-6
Heavy Kick 5-8 1-4 4-7 4-7 4-7
Low Hitting Normals
Attack C2 FrostyProfile.png C2 TinyProfile.png C2 BlobProfile.png C2 NanamanProfile.png C2 OctoProfile.png C2 GooGooProfile.png C2 HoppyProfile.png C2 KangooProfile.png C2 IceProfile.png C2 ButchProfile.png C2 SlyckProfile.png C2 DrPeelgoodProfile.png C2 JackProfile.png C2 SpikeProfile.png C2 SargeProfile.png C2 ThunderProfile.png
Stand Close/FarLK.png
Stand CloseMK.png
Stand FarMK.png
Stand FarHK.png
  • ● = Attack hits low consistently against the character highlighted.
  • ○ = Attack hits low inconsistently against the character highlighted.

Special Moves

  • Psycho Spit:HCF.png+AnyP.png

A decent projectile with a random travel pattern.

  • Multi-Fist: MashAnyP.png

Generic mash move with a great hitbox that has to be spaced well to be beat without a projectile

  • Vertical Boot:QCB.png,UB.png+AnyK.png

A very good anti air move with a great hitbox and priority that doubles as a true overhead that can flatten. The MK.png version of this move in particular is a fantastic tool for stopping approaches.

Special Damage
Attack Special
Psycho Spit 9
Multi-Fist 3-6
Vertical Boot 6-9
CF2JC Cart US.png
ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay
Bad Mr. Frosty Tiny Blob Nanaman
Octohead Goo Goo Hoppy Kangoo
Ice Butch Slyck Dr. Peelgood
Jack Spike Sarge Thunder
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