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The strongest vampires that made fear of Medieval Europe once.

He was sealed into a coffin by the Saint Knights and forced to rest for a long time.
And now the Coffin have been brought out by a mystery organization and placed in a place called "Dragon Palace".
He has gathered the "Dragon aura" in the palace, the seal to the coffin is gradually weakening.
"Dragon aura" can binrg him more power than ever before.
The X-day when Katatonia again becomes a synonym of horror is close...

Alliance Darkness
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Weapons Unknown
"Uuu..." - Katatonia
The final boss of the game. He is not playable without the use of a cheat device.


Special Attacks

  • Dark Reign: QCF+Attack
  • Teleport: QCB+Attack
  • Dark Claw: Charge B,F+Attack
  • Aerial Teleport: QCB+Attack in air
  • Aerial Dark Reign: QCF+Attack in air

Super Special Attack

  • Demonic Thunderstorm: Qcfx2+Attack
  • Regenaration: QCBx2+Attack
  • Demons Wraith: QCFx2 or QCBx2+Attack

Synchro Gauge Trend



  • Hilarously high damage off QCF+A
  • Thunderstorm Can kill by itself if your close enough
  • Healing super Can be setup by a jump H
  • Hitconfirmable Cr.A unlike most of the cast(its 2 hits)


  • Hes most likely going to be banned 99% of the time since he requires a Game genie code to play currently
  • Hes the last boss so even if we do find the code he will still probably be banned
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