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Reinhardt is the top hunter of the Saint Knights.
Alliance Hunter
Age 27
Height 190cm
Weight 82kg
Weapons Cross Hammer & Cross Disk
Gentle as usual, but mercilessly punish for those who disobey the order of the Saint Knights.
Heavy armament, mainly focused on Big cash power.


Special Attacks

  • Cross Disk: charge B, F + Attack
  • Cross Disk Air: DP + Attack
  • Cross Disk-Mine: QCB + Attack
  • Cross Lightning: (in air) QCF + Attack
  • Cross Disk-Air Ride: (in air) QCB + Attack

Super Special Attacks

  • Danpiel Slash: QCFx2 + Attack
  • Dark Hunter: QCBx2 + Attack
  • Dark Hunter - Air: (in air) QCFx2 or QCBx2 + Attack

Synchro Gauge Trend

  • After battle began, bonus amount will be increase for a while
  • When life gauge is high, bonus amount will be increase


  • Huge damage in a few choice awkward situations
  • Can convert most stray hits into Up wheels for mediocre damage


  • Zoning is awful
  • Normals are the worst in the game easily, being either slow or short ranged
  • Supers are each bad in some way Back super doesn't combo After the 4th hit making it pointless unless you have at least 2 bars
  • Forward super is Actually pretty decent and does a lot of damage but will completely whiff in the corner And air super is 100% useless and has 10 years of recovery
  • His best damage only comes from very awkward and hard to land situations while his middle road damage will whiff in the corner every time


  • B>Back super>Forward super

Spacing dependent 2 bar combo that is one of his only reliable sources of damage

  • Reinhardt in corner with 3 bars H>Back super>Back super>forward super

Redic 3 bar combo that is very hard to land but if it comes up take it because he needs all the damage he can get

  • Dash M>DP+A x3> (corner loop, 95%)

Very hard to setup and execute but the reward is 100% worth it. In case this was started with them at full health you can mixup with IAD A and do either A staff slam or Land and Throw Or land and Low into dp+A

  • Rear Lever Attack>Forward Super

A 50/50 combo that results in a back throw if too close. Still a very useful punish tactic in the corner as it allows Reinhardt to escape

Unholy Night
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