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He is a vampire who revived in present age and fight with Blaze in several times. They are rival relationship.
Alliance Darkness
Age Unknown
Height 194cm
Weight 90kg
Weapons Venom Sword
Brutality. Cronos have absolute confidence in his ability and looking down all human beings and darkness clan.
Characters with jumps and rushing techniques, boasting stable performance both in near and long distance.


Special Attacks

  • Dark Fire: Charge B, F + Attack
  • High Cut: RDP + Attack
  • Turn Rush: QCB + Attack
  • Air - High Cut: (in air) QCF + Attack
  • To Strike: (in air) QCB + Attack

Super Special attacks

  • Suffocation: QCFx2 + Attack
  • Dark Blitz: QCBx2 + Attack
  • Dark Tempest: (in air) QCFx2 or QCBx2 + Attack

Synchro Gauge Trends

  • When guarded, bonus amount will be increase
  • When life gauge less then half, bonus amount will be increase


  • Damage with 1 meter is Near death or death off allmost any hit becuse of his vast amount of options to juggle into Air super
  • RDP is pretty decent
  • Auto Combo Special although low damage is very fast and Knocks down
  • Great pokes
    • Stand C is a bit slow but has Huge range
    • Stand B Is like a Faster but slightly smaller version of C
    • Jump A is pointy for how fast it is
    • Jump M and Jump C set up a super juggle on hit


  • Without Meter his damage is awful
  • Half his specials are pretty much only good for setting up his air super


Basic example of 100% combo
  • IAD M> qcf+C(Air)>Air super

  • Standing A,A or Back+A>Rdp+C>Air super

  • Cr.H>Rdp+C>Air super

  • Air qcf+Attack Or Reverse dp+Attack>air super

  • Cr.A>Qcb+B>Forward super

low hitting combo which Does 65% And Works even from max range Cr.A Where Rdp does not hit

For meterless combos Just do button>qcb+attack for the knockdown

Unholy Night
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