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A maid hunter who enters the old house as a maid, find out darkness clan and kills it.
Alliance Hunter
Age 18
Height 168cm
Weight Unknown
Weapons Silver Knife
Serious and proud as a Maid Hunter
Emily is a speed-oriented type character and continuous attack by knife, specializing solid attack on ground and air


Special Attacks

  • Silver swing: Mash Attack
  • Back Turn Kick: RDP + Attack
  • Desertand: Charge B,F + Attack
  • Strike Dive: (in air) QCF + Attack
  • Air Turn Kick: (in air) QCB + Attack

Super Special Attacks

  • Present of Hades: QCFx2 + Attack
  • Morgue Service: QCBx2+Attack
  • Dying Time: (in air) QCFx2 or QCBx2 + Attack

Synchro Gauge Trends

  • When life gauge less than half, bonus amount will be increase
  • After battle began, bonus amount will be increase for a while


  • 2 bar damage is very high, can kill midscreen with it
  • Reverse DP Might be invincible? And is a good combo ender for when you can actually get your normals to work
  • Dive kick is decent


  • Very short range
  • Most of her specials are useless
  • Requires Meter To do Significant Damage
  • Mash Special inputs are stored for each tap for 45 frames, making actually using her normals hard


  • IAD C>C(2 hits)> C Mash (Cancel on third hit)>forward super>Air super

100% for 2 bars off IAD C

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