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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 2 3 4
Medium Punch 5 5 7
Heavy Punch 6 9 7
Light Kick 3 3 4
Medium Kick 5 5 6
Heavy Kick 15 5 7
  • Crouching Medium kick is a good Slide with minimal recovery
  • Crouching Heavy Kick is the same move with a additional kick that Does massive stun since its a heavy And is the basis of many of his redizzy combos
  • Standing Hp is a guile Backfist that is a great ground poke and can be a combo ender due to the short startup, it also whiffs every char crouching except despero
  • All of his jumping attacks and his crouching lp/mp all share animations
  • Standing Lp/Standing mp Whiff on crouching Cheetah,green arrow And the flash
  • Standing Lk/Hk whiff every character crouching except Despero

Special Moves


  • Flame Arrow : QCF.png+AnyP.png
Basic zoning fireball that cannot be crouched under.
  • Jumping Flame Arrow : QCB.png+AnyP.png
Mostly a move for psychic anti airs or just more general zoning Since most of the arrows are aimed to beat things air to air Lp is the only one which will hit a standing opponent. Mix up the Lp version with your other arrows to create a nasty zoning game.
  • Freeze Arrow : QCF.png+AnyK.png
Same speed as Flame arrow but of course freezes the enemy on contact which will lead into an infinite And win you the game. Doesnt seem to have much if any recovery differences from Flame arrow So its kind of like a sub zero ice ball that does chip,Nice.
  • Exploding Arrow : QCB.png+AnyK.png
Another Jumping Arrow This one creates a huge explosion that can hit up to 3 times on block and is very + on block On regular hit it knocks down Setting up for another one. The explosion is what actually gives the + frames so Its possible in the corner at the right spacing to set up a meaty explosion into a throw loop since you can grab during blockstun.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Flaming Arrow 23 23 23
Jumping Flame Arrow 24 ? ?
Exploding Arrow 25 ? ?
Freeze Arrow 23 23 23


Freeze arrow>Jab infinite

Walking Lp X3>Stand Hp/Crouch Hk Repeat

Crouching LkX3>Crouching Hk Repeat

  • A redizzy that works against a char who was already crouching is Very strong to Have and one of the reasons arrow is #3


  • His wide Array of projectiles Lets him control alot of the screen
  • Decent ground poking with Stand Hp Slides and Stand Mk
  • Corner throw Loop with exploding arrows
  • Freeze arrow>infinite
  • Small Crouching Hurtbox


  • Anti airs are very limited aside from stand hk which is pretty slow
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