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Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen
GodzillaKD boxart JP.jpg
Developer(s) Alfa System
Publisher(s) Toho Co., LTD.
Producer(s) Akira Kobayashi, Junichi Tsunoda, Masato Takeno, Seigo Taniguchi
Release Date Japan December 1994


This is not a combo heavy game, there are no animation cancels, only links, OTGs, or juggles. It’s all about neutral, decisions, pokes, and getting your gameplan going. Grabs start most combos and the biggest damage comes from some of those and your super reversals/super punishes. Hits can be interrupted into a grab but is fairly limited amongst the roster or in rare trades where the pushback is not substantial. Depending on the matchup and players, it can be anywhere from really frametrap/mixup heavy bloodbath rounds, or 60 seconds of turtling, chip, and keep away. Because of input leniency and slower frame data, this is a great 2d fighter to play for those who don't wanna fret too hard about precise motions or fast reflexes.


  • Top meter is health and the one under it is the stun meter
  • All characters have the same amount of health, but different stun limit and recovery
  • Only 2 attack buttons, a throw, and a movement/roar button. Everyone has extra jump normals by holding D.png, totaling a minimum of 8 normals.


  • Your super is called a 'Wrath attack’, it can be done once the monster icon at the bottom corner of your side of the screen is filled
  • Wrath builds via taking damage or being chipped by specials. The wrath gain is determined by the specific attack, damage amount is irrelevant.
  • Wrath state increases damage output by 50%
  • Wrath greatly decreases your stun recovery, so holding onto it can be a double edged sword
  • Wrath attacks can have unique properties. Examples include projectile invulnerability, unblockable, or even unique attack properties


  • Once the stun meter maxes out you go into a knockdown state, lose all your wrath, and are susceptible to attacks. You get back up faster by pressing on the buttons.
  • Roars add unblockable stun depending on distance. The closer you are, the stronger the stun given. All roars donate the same amount but the recovery is different. Some characters get dizzy faster as well.
  • Attacks on knocked down opponents, whether OTG or airborne, do not add stun. KD state is also immune to roar stun.
  • Some defensive specials also give roar immunity (ie Biollante wall)
  • If your stun meter is high enough to be filled after 2 roars get out of the situation asap or you could easily get stunned. And if you have your opponent close by and they have enough stun to be roared against roar your heart out. Even if they interrupt you with an attack, it means you can roar faster. The appropriate response is to attempt a throw if you want to avoid losing your Wrath status.


  • Input leniency is very generous. Should experiment and see what input shortcuts you can find.
  • Most notable known shortcut is HCB.pngF.png, the standard wrath motion, can be input as DF.pngDB.pngDF.png. A Godzilla or Gigan innocently crouching from midscreen can be absolutely terrifying because you can't know if they're buffering and ready to 1 button wrath punish you at any time.
  • Likewise, HCB.png can be input as DF.pngDB.png.
  • Motions are always done based on the way your char is facing, regardless of which side you're on relative to your opponent.
  • Game tends to ignore directional inputs that are held down in some cases. Something like run/walk forward into QCF.png instead of DP.png is possible if you held F.png long enough.
    • The same mechanic can cause you to drop some inputs out of crouch block. To get around it, simply return the dpad/stick to neutral (5) before starting the motion.
    • Throw inputs are an exception, and will not be dropped if held.
  • There is no negative edge.


  • A successful grab only puts them in a grapple state. Additional input is required to actually throw, similar to pro wrestling games.
  • Teched throws can be easily punished. Techs are done with 4 button presses after entering grapple state.
  • Simultaneous grapples cannot be broken by 4 button presses. A player must enter their throw command to end the hug.
  • Throw inputs cannot be buffered. You must start the motion only after entering grapple state.
  • Some throws are mashable for the defender, reducing the damage. (typically repeated bite throws)
  • Blockstun does NOT give throw protection in this game. There are forced throw setups to exploit this. Forced throws can still be teched.
  • Crouching makes your throw hurtbox wider, making you easier to be thrown. This makes low/throw mixup pressure very strong, but also gives the defender the option of avoiding and whiff punishing long range throw attempts simply by standing up if they make a hard read.
  • Throw range and throw hurtboxes vary wildly from character to character.
  • All backdash/backruns are fully throw immune on every frame. This gives backrun characters a very strong defensive shimmy option to deal with throw pressure.


  • There is no absolute guard.
  • Crouching/standing up takes 1 neutral frame.
    • It cannot occur while in blockstun. There are unblockable setups to exploit this.
    • It also means you have one extra frame of advantage when linking 2 low attacks if they were hit standing. Conversely, attempting to a link a crouching attack into a standing will effectively add 1 more frame of startup.
  • Turning around also takes several frames.
    • A well timed meaty on a backturned opponent waking up will be unblockable. This is the basis of many higher damage combos, and adds additional value to corpse hop oki options.
  • The meaty system is unique. Meaty projectiles will behave as expected. However, their hurtbox is still active to melee attacks during their invincible wake up frames, and will eat their hitbox, possibly giving the waking up player a free point blank whiff punish. Because of this, melee meaty oki needs to be very frame and/or positioning precise.
  • Every character has different wakeup speeds and hurtbox sizes, further increasing the skill floor for melee meaties.
  • All jumps have a small punishable recovery during landing, even if it was an empty jump.
  • Sticky guard has abnormally high input priority compared to most 2d fighters. Most notably, it takes priority over jumping and grabbing. You can still attack or dash out of sticky guard.
    • The main application of this is for escaping unblockable rush wrath attacks, which have a mean mechanic of putting you in sticky guard from a very long distance away, despite the moves being unblockable. The simplest way around it is to neutral or forward jump over them instead. Another alternative if your character has a backwards run is to cancel into that first before jumping back.
    • Another use is as a hard read to punish mistimed melee meaties, by committing to not blocking on wakeup so you can throw immediately.


  • Directional commands are listed assuming your character is facing right onscreen (1P side). B.png and F.png are reversed if you're facing the other direction.

Basic Controls

U.png - Jump

B.png - Retreat (guard during enemy attack)

D.png - Crouch

DB.png - Guard low (during enemy attack)

F.png - Advance

SFC Y.png - Light Attack

SFC X.png - Heavy Attack

SFC B.png - Grab

B.png or F.png + SFC A.png - Dash/Run

SFC A.pngSFC A.png - Roar

Tier List

Broken Gotengo
High Mothra, King Ghidorah, Super Mecha Godzilla
Mid Godzilla, Anguirus, Megalon, Mecha Godzilla (Showa), Mecha Godzilla (Heisei)
Low Biollante, Gigan

Note: This list is probably not remotely accurate. The only tier I know for certain is Gotengo is SSS+, as it is 10-0 vs the entire cast except Mothra, where it is still a heavy favorite.

Cheat Codes

To use the codes, you have to wait for the "Press Start" to flash on the screen. Just let the game start and load, and after it shows a few titles, the main title screen will appear and the "Press Start" will flash.

  • Unlock Super Mechagodzilla - Hold L + R, Y, X, A, B
  • Unlock Gotengo and Super Mechagodzilla - Hold L + R, press Up, Left, Right Down, Y, X, B, A

Exit Vs Mode - Hold L + R + Select, press start

Set Player as Com in Vs mode - Hold select and press A to choose the fighter. Can't remember if you have to keep holding before match starts. This is one of the few ways you can actually use Super MG or Gouten against the CPU.


  • A frame perfect attack after certain grabs will keep the opponent in their standing grabbed state until the attacker returns to a neutral frame. In this glitched state, they cannot input anything, are immune to projectiles, but still take full damage, knockback, and stun from melee attacks.
    • Currently known glitchable grabs are: Godzilla's QCD.png, Ghidorah's QCD.png, Megalon's QCD.png, Mothra's QCD.png, Anguirus's QCD.png
    • While most of those just results in some extra damage and stun, Mothra can use it to force a timeover infinite with her hurricane winds, which counts as a projectile, and continues indefinitely as long as she keeps mashing, immediately securing the round if she has the life lead at the time, at the cost of severe finger fatigue.
  • You can get out of non knockdown juggle states with any frame perfect air reversal. Air normals that alter air momentum maintain that property.



Anguirus is the only character not to have a projectile in the game. That said, many projectiles fall into 2 categories which are either energy based or physical. Projectiles also carry hidden properties or durability.

Energy based are absorbable. Energy beam segments or flamethrowers for example. Some moves in the game repel or destroy projectiles in general.

Physical projectiles. Mostly missiles or rockets. Both Biollante's acid spray and acid lobs are not considered energy based however. A minute detail.

Most Unique Projectiles

- Godzilla's Wrath is a special 5 segment beam. The durability is very strong and cuts through other projectiles fairly clean. It's also one of the few if not only projectile moves that pass through Biollante's wrath tentacles. It's also one of the few projectiles able to push Megalon's wrath backwards. Biollante's acid spray is one of the few moves that can negate all 5 segments. The initial wrath pulse is the only move in the game that can hit Gouten during its electric barrier attack.

- Mechagodzilla 74' (Showa) can release rockets when in flight mode. They do heavy stun and contribute to wrath meter without causing damage on contact when spinning. If you pause the screen when they spin they'll keep spinning. The durability of these rockets when moving downward is very high. They cut through most projectiles.

- Biollante's secondary command throw in a mirror match does little damage as she tears a piece off the other. Very cool detail. Too bad Mothra doesn't obey that rule with her strongest grab.

- Megalon's 4th and most complex throw can kick Biollante up off screen momentarily when closing a round.

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