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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 2 2 4
Medium Punch 5 5 5
Heavy Punch 5 13 4
Light Kick 2 3 4
Medium Kick 5 5 7
Heavy Kick 15 17 7
  • Flash Has stubby Normals Overall But Good startup for his lights
  • Crouching Heavy kick has really good reach despite the log falling over level startup
  • Crouching heavy Punch is a good anti air and its hitbox is insane and hits all around him
  • Crouching Kicks Have the worst range of any of his buttons
  • Every Character Except Despero Can duck Every Single Standing normal flash has

Special Moves


  • Tornado Blast : +
Tornados Come out very quick and have Very little recovery making it likely the best fireball in the game. Can be used to close the gap With his teleport and you can combo throw on a blocking opponent. Has Very good + frames allowing A link into Uppercut if the projectile hits from full screen.


  • Dashing Uppercut: +
One of the most broken Moves in fighting game history A one Frame Uppercut that Does massive damage And instantly stuns the enemy on hit A death combo with flash is as easy as landing this once then jabbing and doing it again. As far as being used as an actual anti air its pretty good at that too but its mainly used in combos overall.

Stationary Strike

  • Speed Punches : 7 inputs of
Incredible Startup and a good combo ender That is mainly used During Jab Combos. You have to mash the same button to get the move to come out and cant piano.


  • Quick Dash: +
An extremely good teleport that does actually have punishable startup But That doesnt matter because you can do it while a fireball is on the screen for insane coverage Gets flash on to any spot of the screen he wants for free while a fireball is up basically and is a huge part of his rushdown and mixup game.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Tornado Blast 14 14 14
Dashing Uppercut 1 1 1
Speed Punches 2 2 ?


Walking Lp XN>Speed Punches for dizzy>Repeat

Full screen tornado Hits>Heavy Dashing Uppercut>Quick Dash In and Do a combo of your choice

Heavy Dashing uppercut>Lp>Heavy Dashing Uppercut XN

Blocked Tornado>Quick dash>Throw Basically a combo since you can throw people during blockstun

Lp Tornado>Hk teleport Crossup>Crouch lk X2>Walking Lp Xn into Speed fists Repeat

  • this is important as its flashes main way to actually Mix someone up Since at the correct distance MK Tele will Stay on the same side and HK will cross up.

Walking Crouch Lk/Lp x1-2>Crouch Mp>Heavy Dashing Uppercut

  • This is flashes Crouching Punish instant dizzy and its a little hard due to the way the Dp input is programmed to want you to walk forward for a few frames first but mastering It is key to A good flash player since Otherwise They could just crouch all day aside from left right mixups with teleport or tornado grabs with teleport.


  • Tornados are the best projectiles in the game.
  • Tornado Sets up easy Combos.
  • Uppercut is extremely cheap and good at everything And instantly stuns.
  • Mash move has Good hitboxes.
  • Teleport gives him the best Mobility in the game.
  • Easiest Death combos.
  • Tornado>Grab on block
  • Small Crouching Hurtbox


  • Terrible Range on Most normals but this is a moot point due to having uppercut tornado and teleport.
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