Justice League Task Force

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Justice League Task Force

Game info

  • Justice league Task Force Uses a Basic Six button street fighter style layout for normal attacks.

  • dashes Function Differently then most other games with them either being some sort of flip or having an actual hitbox.

  • The tournament Standard is actually the beta version of the game due to the fact that pushback is Very bad in the Official release To the point there is almost no combos outside of the corner. Assume all info on these pages Combo-wise is for the beta

  • During A stun Special moves can be blocked but you can simply Combo a normal into the special to Get around this.

  • During any combo Where an enemy is crouching the second hit will put them into there standing Hurt animation This is however visual only since moves cant combo during this state that wont hit that character Crouching

Tier list

God The Flash,Cheetah
High Green Arrow,Aquaman,Despero
Mid Darkseid,Wonder Woman
Low Superman,Batman
Justice League Task Force
Superman Batman Wonder Woman AquaMan
Green Arrow Cheetah Despero Darkseid
The Flash
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