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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 2 2 4
Medium Punch 8 8 7
Heavy Punch 6 7 5
Light Kick 2 3 4
Medium Kick 7 4 6
Heavy Kick 6 10 6
  • Standing HP is a great disjointed poke that can sometimes hit twice
  • Crouching Medium Kick is a decent low poke
  • Crouching jabs Are good for low profiling some pokes
  • Standing LK/MK Whiff against Crouching Darkseid,Aquaman,Flash,Green arrow,Cheetah
  • All of her Standing punches hit every character in the game crouching
  • Cheetah has the best jab in the game Because its 2 frames and Due to her Hitbox nature and not needing to adjust on crouching opponents she can do the exact same combos Regardless of whos shes fighting and if there standing up or not.

Special Moves


  • Jumping Claw Uppercut: +
A pretty meh overall move that you mostly ignore unless they are jumping since it doesnt knock down a standing opponent therefore is unsafe

Forward momentum

  • Rolling Claw Slash : +
A 2 frame Blanka ball That Can be confirmed into from most stray hits And is great for Getting her in and punishing things,it also hits behind her : *). This move also has the extremely broken Property Where When done very close the move hits low for some reason giving her a built in mixup up close.
  • Gliding Claw Slash : +
Probably the best move in the game aside from flash Teleport,This is a 1 frame overhead that is really safe on block Knocks down on hit and Rushes across the screen very fast.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Jumping Claw Uppercut 5 5 5
Rolling Claw Slash 2 2 2
Gliding Claw Slash 1 1 1


Crouch Lkx2>Walking Lpx2>Rolling Claw Slash>Walking Lp x4>Gliding Claw Slash>Ender of your choice

Walking Lp/LkxN>Rolling claw slash>Repeat


  • Crouching hurtbox is the Smallest in the game
  • Gliding Claw Slash is an extremely multi-purpose tool For Momentum,Knockdowns,mixups And damage It also starts up in 1 frame and is an overhead
  • Good normals overall with her heavys and crouch mk.
  • Rolling Claw Slash Hits behind you and can also be used to punish things and get in.
  • Crouching jab into infinite.
  • Best 50/50 mixups in the game.
  • Best combos in the game overall Due to the fact that she ignores crouching More then Any other Character


  • No projectile Means she has to rely on Getting a knockdown With gliding claw To get in.
  • just like most chars her best normals are very short ranged.
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