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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 4 4 10
Medium Punch 5 6 10
Heavy Punch 13 12 8
Light Kick 4 4 6
Medium Kick 5 6 6
Heavy Kick 6 11 6
  • Stand Lp Lk And MK All Whiff Every character Crouching Except Despero Also Stand Mk is just stand Lk with 1 more frame of startup and more recovery/pushback and damage
  • Stand Mp and Stand Hp Whiff Crouching vs Cheetah,Flash,Green arrow
  • Stand Hk Is a fast Anti air with an extremely broken High to the ground hitbox It also hits every character crouching at very close range except for Cheetah flash and Green arrow

Special Moves


  • Heat Vision : QCF.png+AnyP.png
The fastest Projectile startup wise in the game And it has pretty good hitboxes all around Also the recovery is so good that you can walk up and shoot another laser as soon as the first one disappears/makes contact with somebody This move can even combo into itself at some ranges But the big problem with the move is that every character except despero can simply crouch to avoid it and although he can machinegun them and fly etc while a laser is on screen the fact that it can be ducked compared to every other fireball is a large weakness.

Stationary Strike

  • Freeze Breath : HCB.png+AnyP.png
Very slow startup and very unsafe on block,On Hit vs a grounded a opponent Will freeze allowing for an infinite


  • Hover: QCB.png+ AnyK.png

Forward Momentum

  • Comet Punch: HCF.png+ AnyK.png
Safe on block And has very good priority but is quite slow on startup

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Heat Vision ? ? ?
Freeze Breath ? ? ?
Comet Punch ? ? ?




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