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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 4 4 8
Medium Punch 5 5 8
Heavy Punch 11 9 6
Light Kick 4 3 7
Medium Kick 7 5 6
Heavy Kick 3 13 7
  • Stand HK is abnormally Fast for a heavy But the second hit can be crouched under
  • Crouching Light kick has Great Reach for its startup And is Aquamans Main Poke
  • Crouching heavy Punch is a Very good anti air Mainly after a water ball has been tossed
  • Crouching lp/mp and Lk/mk Share animations and hitboxes The only difference is startup and damage
  • All of aquamans Standing Punches whiff the following characters crouching :Cheetah,Flash,Green arrow

Special Moves


  • Water Blast : QCF.png+AnyP.png
Works alot like flashes tornado But covers a worse angle due to not being as tall Still a Projectile that has great startup with very minimal recovery so he can crouch HP people out of the sky who try to jump And spam water balls all day.

Forward Momentum

  • Slide Kick: HCF.png + AnyK.png
A very Good advancing Move that is mostly safe on block and knocks down on hit.
  • Jump Leaping Slam Punch : QCB.png+AnyP.png
A jumping overhead that is incredibly Slow and bad,Avoid using
  • Spinning Uppercut Punch : HCF.png+AnyP.png
Slow,Useless,Doesnt combo All of the hits,Easily punishable and bad.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Water Blast 15 15 15
Spinning Uppercut Punch 17 17 17
Slide Kick 8 8 8
Jump Leaping Slam Punch 29 30 ?


Walking LpX2 Or Crouch Lp>Stand lp Or Crouch Lk>Stand lp>Stand Hk

  • This One is a bit of a weird link since you have to be at point blank range and time it just right while holding forward the entire time During your hit confirm of choice To get both hits of HK to land But the reward is an instant dizzy,Master this combo to make your point blank interactions that much more scary with aquaman.

Walking Lp x4>Stand lk>Crouch Mk

  • A Semi Hard link That instantly dizzys.

Crouching Lkx3>crouching Mk

  • Aquaman has an easier time punishing crouching characters then most due to his long legs.


  • Water ball Spam is effective in most matchups.
  • Slide Is One of the better moves in the game for being safe Doing good damage and knocking down.
  • Good overall Selection of normals especially crouch LK


  • Light normals are on the slower side
  • Half of his specials are outright useless
  • Cannot Combo into Special moves since the slide and water ball are too slow for that.
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