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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 4 2 4
Medium Punch 6 6 8
Heavy Punch 16 4(1st Hitbox) 9(2nd Hitbox) 7
Light Kick 8 3 4
Medium Kick 10 6 12
Heavy Kick 12 21 13
  • LP has short reach even for a jab It whiffs crouching against Cheetah,Green arrow,Flash,Darkseid
  • Stand Mp Hits every character crouching Except for Cheetah,Green arrow,Flash
  • Stand Hp Whiffs every character in the game crouching Except for despero
  • Crouch Hp can be used to anti air or combo And when used very close you can get the first hit which is a 4 frame heavy So overall a good move
  • Standing LK Has the Longest startup of any light in the game but has decent range
  • Crouch MK is his best Overall ground poke and should be mixed with crouch hp
  • His Sweep is the slowest normal in the game but on hit grants a batarang into jumping kick etc setup
  • Stand Hk is a fairly Slow anti air that whiffs every character crouching Aside from despero

Special Moves


  • Batarang Toss : QCF.png+AnyP.png
A standard projectile with decent recovery That is your main tool. most characters cannot duck the rang and The rang also does massive stun after a Headbutt grab

Forward Momentum

  • Glide Kick : QCB.png+AnyK.png
A Fast Overhead Kick that can crossup if the enemy isnt holding back beforehand Due to them going into a proximity Blocking animation and making it hit on the same side. This move is vital to use with His batarang To Get him in jab range.


  • Useless double kick: HCF.png+ AnyK.png
Slow And you can be punished after the first hit Just do not even bother.
  • Smoke Bomb Drop Kick: HCB.png+ AnyK.png
What was supposed to be batmans best move is actually a disappointing "teleport" that can be Avoided very easily and has alot of startup The only truly good thing about the move is that if it connects hit or block its very safe.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Batarang Toss ? ? ?
Glide Kick ? ? ?
Smoke Bomb Drop kick ? ? ?
Useless Double Kick ? ? ?




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