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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 4 4 7
Medium Punch 11 10 8
Heavy Punch 16 11 7
Light Kick 5 4 1
Medium Kick 9 9 6
Heavy Kick 7 8 7
  • Standing Lk has good reach for a light and cant be crouched but is a little slow for a light at the same time
  • Crouching Mk Makes for a Decent poke overall but is pretty slow
  • Standing Hk hits twice but its possible to land only the first hit Making it pretty unreliable overall
  • stand LP And Stand HP Both whiff every character in the game crouching except despero.
  • Stand Mp Whiffs on crouch against Flash,Green arrow And Cheetah
  • Crouching LK Has massive + Frames on hit Allowing easy links into both crouching heavys

Special Moves


  • Eye Blast : +
Pretty Slow Awkward Beam that is aimed at the knee that you can sort of zone with sometimes.


  • Jumping Knee Kick: +
A decent anti air attack that can be crouched On the ground. This move is the reason darkseid isn't low tier because this move has insane startup and is extremely + on hit to the point he can loop them for death combos as long as the first one was close enough,this move also has great forward momentum which is part of why he can loop in the first place.

Forward Momentum

  • Sliding Backhand Punch : +
Very slow and duckable dash punch type move that is mostly useless and ignored


  • Jumping Head Stomp: ,
Headstomp can be used to try to create weird left right mixups between the lk and mk version but these are sadly punishable on hit when they do cross up.. So this move barely gets used. The punish state you are put into is aerial so the enemy cant get a full combo.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Eye Blast 29 29 29
Jumping Knee Kick 1 1 1
Jumping Head Stomp 13(air) 35(ground) ? ?
Sliding Backhand Punch 16 16 16


Walking LkXN

LK Kneebash X3>walking Lpx4>Knee bash>ender of choice

Walking Crouch LKX3>Crouch HP

  • A redizzy that works even on a crouching opponent This Will keep people in check who get hit at point blank while trying to duck the knee


  • Knee bash loop
  • long Reaching Standing LK


  • 2 out of his 4 specials are useless and one is mediocre at best
  • Big hurtbox
  • slow Lights
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