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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 4 4 6
Medium Punch 7 6 8
Heavy Punch 6 9 7
Light Kick 5 4 6
Medium Kick 9 7 9
Heavy Kick 15 13 7
  • Standing Lk Is basically desperos jab because it hits every character in the game crouching and has great + frames
  • Crouching Lk Also has massive + frames and leads into infinites even on crouching opponents as well
  • Standing Hp is a decent ground poke with two hits that does way too much dizzy And is used in very easy Redizzys on Standing Chars

Special Moves


  • Eye Blast : QCF.png+AnyP.png
A big projectile with almost no recovery Use it in rushdown patterns which are basically batmans But better.


  • Leaping Head Fin Thrust: DP.png + AnyP.png

Forward Momentum

  • Leaping Kick: QCB.png + AnyK.png
This is desperos best move by far A almost lagless 13 frame overhead that rushes across the screen And is prettymuch the same move as batmans but faster and better overall due to hitbox On hit you can do death combos.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Eye Blast ? ? ?
Leaping Head Fin Thrust ? ? ?
Leaping Kick ? ? ?


Walking Crouch Lkx4>Stand LK Repeat

  • A strong Redizzy that works on both stand or crouch

Any 2 light attacks while walking forward> Stand hp

  • Dirt easy Redizzy that only hits standing opponents



  • Biggest hurtbox in the game to the point almost all moves in the game can hit him while crouching
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