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Normal Moves

Attack Stand Crouching Jump
Light Punch 2 4 4
Medium Punch 5 9 7
Heavy Punch 12 11 7
Light Kick 6 4 7
Medium Kick 6 10 7
Heavy Kick 6(First hit) 13(Second) 12 6
  • Wonder Woman has the Second best standing Lp in the game which is saying alot,Its fast Has great reach and almost no pushback,The chars it Whiffs ducking are:Darkseid,Cheetah,Flash,Aquaman,Green Arrow But its easy to condition someone to want to stand up against wonder woman due to flight.
  • Standing Light kick Has the Most range of Any light attack in the game Except Aquamans Crouch Lk(They may be almost tied for hitbox),Standing Mk Is the exact same normal with slightly more recovery,pushback And damage.
  • Standing Hp is a strangely good anti air when timed right Probably due to the massive hitbox
  • Standing Hk makes for a slow decent anti air at best since most of the time the first hit whiffs unless your extremely close

Special Moves


  • Springing Flip Kick: +
Pretty Bad As an attack on the ground unless your fighting despero Since the first hit whiffs against every character except him Stand Or crouch However the first hit can be used as a decent AA that trades with most things due to the fact it reaches so far upwards The second hit is an overhead but given the first hit whiffs you will probably be getting jabbed if you attempt to use this move on the ground against Not despero That said in the despero matchup its actually a really good tool when spaced properly But still only Hits him standing and overall its just an anti air against everyone else.

Ranged Strike

  • Magic Lasso : +
A Strange Slow move with good range That Can hit Standing or crouching enemys but will not connect as long as they hold block And is mostly only useful in one combo the only normal it combos from is a jump attack that can't be done out of flight This move also has a HUGE blindspot up close so you have to be atleast 2 and a half character lengths away The most useful Aspect of this move is that the instant it Makes contact with a projectile they will trade like normal fireballs The startup for this effect is only 9 frames and has no recovery.


  • Wrist Guard Reflect: +
Reflects projectiles so its obviously Your best friend against those pesky fireballs and allows you to set up a fly to try to go over the next one Or Simply dash In as long as they dont try to projectile war your reflected fireball But regardless this is a tool most characters would Really Love to have So its pretty good.
  • Hover: +
Goes into a flight mode that is identical to supermans mechanically. This can be used to try to traverse over fireballs or escape the corner easily and you may attack out of it With P being Your Regular jump punches and K doing a Strong divekick that is an overhead And safe on block, When hit low enough the divekick gives great frame advantage allowing a combo into infinite and overall making wonder womans flight much better then supermans Its also worth noting the regular jump punches might be able to be used for some kind of weird fly pressure since air normals are obviously safe on block But this move basically lets you machine gun jump normals due to flight having 2 frame startup And again making this move better then supermans due to the moveset she gets Be careful since being too predictable with this simply gets you jabbed out of the sky but it can be a good asset to have Especially since the divekick has a great hitbox and is hard to jab creating a sort of mind-game of jump normal or divekick sometimes.

Attack Light Medium Heavy
Magic Lasso 12 12 12
Springing Double Kick 13 ? ?
Hover 2 ? ?
Wrist Guard Reflect 7 ? ?


Deep enough divekick/Deep enough flight MP>Walking Lp XN Repeat

Walking Lpx5>Standing Mk Repeat

Crouching LkX2>Walking Lp XN repeat

  • The Second crouching LK Should be a microwalk To avoid as much pushback as possible

Deep Jump hk>Lasso

  • funny Redizzy that works even in the final version but generally it has to be set up off another combo

Crouch Lkx2>Stand Mk

  • Your crouching character combo for people who can duck the jab


  • Flight is an actual Good move you can Use for things unlike superman
  • Normals are pretty Great At poking and Her jab is probably as easy to infinite with as cheetah(very easy)
  • Mid ranged game is good with pokes And divekick
  • only Char who can reflect Projectiles And lasso still counts as one AND she can fly So her anti Fb game is Good overall


  • Lasso could certainly Be better And Double kick is terrible outside of AA and despero matchup
  • Flight pressure Can be easy to Jab
  • Reflect has startup so unless you have enough space and time it right You can get Hit Before you reflect the projectile
  • Against Characters who can Duck the jab which is most of them Her crouch Combo is Quite Mediocre.
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