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Sailor Moon
Full name Usagi Tsukino
Age 15
Height 158 cm
Blood type O-
Hometown Minato-ku, Tokyo
Likes Eating (especially ice cream, cake, and sweets), sleeping, reading manga, playing video games, shopping, the color white, home economics
Dislikes Carrots, Math, English class, dentists, ghosts
Special skills Crying, being loyal

Sailor Moon Dai Ranking: A

Special Moves

Moon Tiara QCF.png+AnyP.png

Standard hadouken projectile. Recovery is small on the LP version, you can even link multiple in a combo in the corner!

Heart Attack Jumping QCB.png+AnyP.png

Heart Projectile. This is the move I alluded to earlier that can be done during a backdash, which as I'll explain in strategy, is key to her gameplan!

Sonic Crying Charge D.png,U.png+AnyP.png

Moon's voice is so annoying, it can hurt people. Get off me move. Good invincibility, but slow.


Gin-Zuishou-Hatsudou: QCF.pngHCB.png+HK.png

Moon slowly advances slightly forward in the air, enveloping herself in energy. Somewhat slow, hard to anti-air. Good damage and chip damage though like all supers. But not very useful.


Moon's gameplan relies on her strong okizeme setups (aka vortex/setplay). After knocking an opponent down, backdash and throw a heart out. Then immediately forward dash to create an ambiguous crossup! You'll be able to combo after the heart hits to another sweep and repeat! There are many more variations you can do this as well, such as incorporating her throws, or using Tiara instead of Heart at certain distances.

Moon’s forward dash (which looks more like a command jump) can also get her out certain situations in neutral or when done as a guard cancel. She can hang in there with zoning between a solid fireball and a fireball she can throw while moving. Her sweep puts her pretty low to the ground, low enough to go under Mercury’s Sonic Boom/Shabon Spray. Strong neutral tools and vortex potential make her a great choice. She can have some trouble anti-airing on defense though, and her guard cancels except her forward dash are weak in the corner.

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