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Sailor Mercury
Full name Ami Mizuno
Age 15
Height 163.7 cm
Blood type A
Hometown Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Likes Reading
Dislikes Love letters, Yellow-Tail Tuna
Special skills Calculating

Dai Ranking: A

Special Moves

Shabon Spray Charge B.png,F.png+AnyP.png

LP version functions like Guile's Sonic Boom, a charge projectile with little recovery time so you can walk with it. Tick throwing with it might be hazardous against characters with powerful guard cancels. HP version travels faster but Mercury has more recovery time.

Aqua Mirage QCF.pngUF.png+AnyP.png

Tornado projectile which travels mostly vertically. Startup invincibility guarantees this move will come out, it can beat jumpers from far away, or used to lock down the corner fairly safely from close range.

Reverse Break Step DP.png+AnyK.png

Mercury does a handstand and spins around. Some invincibility on it, but watch out for spaced lows.

Walljump Near a wall, DF.png,F.png or UF.png

Mercury jumps off the wall like Chun Li. Can be useful for escaping certain situations.


Water Bullet HCB.pngF.png+HK.png

Mercury leaps into the air feet first off the screen. Kind of slow to start up, does huge damage like most supers if you catch them jumping. Watch for chip kills too.


Mercury has the fastest walk speed in the game by far! This, in addition to her projectiles and wall jump gives her a wide variety of approaches. When you're finally in there, pressure your opponent between your normals and projectiles. In addition, Mercury should incorporate throws into her corner offense as well, her walk speed, sonic boom, and the general effectiveness of throws in this game are too good not to.

Mercury’s not one of the best while under pressure, handstand spin is vulnerable to the long range sweeps of this game. However, smart use of it and backdash guard cancels will open up opportunities to wall jump out of corners. Mercury’s walk speed is amazing by itself in neutral, between that and having a sonic boom, she can pick her spots to overcome zoning.

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