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A flying submarine, and one of the coolest possible additions in a fighting game. Sadly, as the secret boss, it is insanely cheap.

Data Arsenal

  • Just a straight all directional move speed boost. Should always be held down when moving.

  • Has no roar

  • No grab, switches stances instead. Small stance is very OP, and also has full grab immunity.

Stun Gauge

  • ?

Stun Recovery

  • ?

Wake Up Speed

  • ?

General Strategy

Wins every non Mothra matchup in the game automatically by inputting this: immediately hold A and up back at round start, hold back and press B as soon as you're off the ground to stance change, down back to get back on the ground, spam qcf+Y as fast as possible. Congratulations, you've put up an impassable projectile wall. The spread is too small for anyone besides Mothra to fit between to approach, and your high rate of fire and high projectile durability means no one can out projectile war you. You are too short to get hit by Megalon's psycho crusher or MG2's reflector, too skinny for Biollante's acid to get in range, and your rate of fire too high for Anguirus and Gigan Wraths to reach their projectile invincible frames. Worst case scenario: characters with projectile-defensive hard-counters can try for a time-over draw, but you can always throw them off with missiles or your very fast qcb+Y. Because no one can ever touch you, you only need a single point of chip damage to win.

Although this doesn't work on Mothra, you're still a massive favorite. All you have to do is don't get dived. You're faster than her, your projectiles are better than hers, qcb u+Y travels faster than her downwards Wrath, and missiles can't be powdered. All in all, you win every single screen position, and the only time you're in actual danger is when you're diagonally under her where she can heavy dive you and put you in a knockdown loop. However, because of your sheer speed, small size, and ability to cover your head while moving with X, and have the threat of just shotgunning her with qcb+Y, this is very unlikely to happen.

As a perm flier like Mothra, Gotengo cannot block. Though, this is a nonissue for it as it's almost impossible for it to ever get hit.


Long Stance

  • Drill attack. Can be held for more hits, but recovery time increases dramatically. Does minimal damage. Pretty useless.

  • Drill attack. Can be held for more hits, but recovery time increases dramatically. More damage than Y, but still very low. Punishable and very unsafe even on a single hit. Very suicidal.

+ /

  • Cannon shot. Fires a very high durability projectile with fast travel speed. Can shoot in one of 3 directions depending on what direction is held at the end: straight forward if f or b is held, straight up with u or d is held, or 45 degrees up if nothing or any diagonal is held.
  • X has a lower rate of fire, but the same damage and speed. Might have more durability?

+ /

  • Spread shot. Fire's 2 small high durability lasers sequentially. First forward, then another slightly angled up.
  • X version has more recovery, but same startup, damage, and speed. Unsure if it has any benefits whatsoever.

(air only) Hold 4 seconds, release

  • Absolute zero cannon. Fires a medium ranged cone of grey smoke from the tip of the drill. Has fast startup and high total damage from the huge hit count, but has a long animation.

(air only) +

  • Evade. Tilts to its side, and is fully invincible instantly, possibly with no punishable recovery. At most maybe 1 punishable frame. Follows wake up animation invincibility rules, so any melee attacks get their hitbox eaten by the invincibility, while projectiles can go through and meaty.

(ground only)Hold +

  • Dig. Goes underground. Can move around offsreen if you keep A held. Resurfaces with a knockdown attack when you let go, then flops back onto the floor.
  • Can be damaged while going under or resurfacing, and will have a different death animation if killed this way.

Small Stance

  • Fires a torpedo 45 degrees downwards that upon reaching the floor, will then travel straight along the ground.
  • Because Gotengo's hurtbox is nonsense, it actually can't hit itself with the grounded part. Even if the target Gotengo is clearly planted on the floor, the torpedo just safely passes right under it.
  • Grounded part is effectively invisible on Gotengo's home stage, since the foreground water covers the sprite entirely.

  • Fire's a torpedo backwards, which then arcs over its head before flying straight forwards. Great for protecting itself from Mothra dives.

+ /

  • Double cannon shot. Similar to long stance variation, except much higher damage, slightly thicker hitbox, and very high stun. Might have even more durability as well. Very OP.

+ /

  • Spread shot. The single most broken move in the game. Fires a spread of 4 high durability projectiles in an arc from forward to almost straight up. They have high durability but low damage, but more importantly, has no counterplay from anyone besides Mothra (dust) or another Gotengo (playing Touhou).

(air only) Hold 4 seconds, release

  • Electric shock. Enshrouds itself with an extremely high damage shell of blue electricity, dealing around 40% damage and almost full stun by itself. I believe it also nullifies all projectiles while in this state. Unsure of its specific mechanical properties, but there's no reason to ever get close to them to use it anyways.

Wrath Attack

+ (in long stance) Drill ram

  • Retracts the deck and lunges forward drill first. Can be steered slightly up or down while in motion. Moderate damage, but almost full stun.
  • The drill nullifies projectiles just like Megalon's torpedo, but since Gotengo's is so small, it almost never works out.
  • Deals less damage from afar, and is frame disadvantage and probably punishable even on hit anyways, so pretty awful wrath overall, but less awful than its other one.

+ (in small stance) Bigger electric shock

  • Similar to the regular electric shock, but interestingly, does less damage and stun. However, the hitbox is much larger, and pulls them in instead of pushing them out, making it easier to get the full damage.
  • A moot point, because it's very frame disadvantage and easily punishable on hit or block if it doesn't stun them. It pulling them in just makes it even easier for them to punish. Another awful wrath.


Tech Punish

  • It's automatic

General OTG

  • qcb+Y



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