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The fullscreen projectile specialist of the game, with a very simple and straightforward gameplan, but deceptively cerebral implementation. He will need to understand the situational uses of all his many antiairs and make good use of his good priority frame advantage normals to fight for space. Once able to establish his distance, his opponent is forced to either get chipped or risk being antiaired, with little chance of effective retaliation. Somewhat similar to ST Guile, a solid pick for players who don't mind running the clock while chipping away.



  • qcb+Y is an amazingly versatile projectile
  • A lot of projectile chip pressure from afar
  • Low risk playstyle
  • Good priority normals that are all significantly frame advantage and safe
  • An unreasonable number of lows. Even his wrath and dd+Y/X hits low
  • Flight and beam shield gives him strong projectile defense options
  • Hurtbox doesn't lean forward when crouching like most of the cast. Unsure if this also means the extra throw vulnerability doesn't apply to him.


  • No knockdowns outside of throws and stun, making side switching and getting out of a corner a real challenge
  • d+Y pressure can be answered with reversal roar spam, since roars stun first frame
  • Terrible throws with low damage and weak followup options
  • Low comeback potential
  • Tall crouch hurtbox

General Strategy

The main backbone of his gameplay is qcb+Y. This single missile has a very fast load time, chips, has excellent recovery, and controls a huge amount of space at the right angles. Instant air down angled missile is a very safe way to control an amount of screenspace comparable to ST Akuma/Gouki. Instant air forward missile can also be used a long range antiair if you spot them jumping during your startup. Because of input leniency, this means you will want to avoid touching forward unless necessary, since the flamethrower overrides the missile input.

If you have already established fullscreen range, it's time to harass them with missile follow up options. Qcf+Y will antiair with big damage if they jump forward, qcf+X will pile on lots of chip if they block, and huge damage if they neutral jumped. Running forward will allow you in many cases to antiair forward jumps, and max damage punish (which is sadly just close st X or throw) air fireballs if they preemptively try to float over your eye beams. Most of the time, depending on the matchup, you will instead out air to air them with your incredibly high priority j d+X, which also does massive horizontal knockback and take a huge amount of screenspace back so you can Y missile some more.

For lower priority jump ins, st Y works similar to Dhalsim b+LP. Despite the very small hitbox, it has pretty good priority and pulls them down, and can link into another st Y or d+Y, both of which are frame advantage, initiating a simple low/throw frame trap. He is plus enough that they cannot reversal throw you in between d+Y spam, though not enough to link them. Because of the relatively low damage potential of his throws and techs being punishable, you will usually be happy just fishing for them to press a button, and follow up with d+Y xN, d+X, st X, or dd+Y to push them back out, maintain their stun bar, and sneak in some more chip. Every option there is + and safe on block, making him impressively annoying at close range despite being a long range character.

For the really strong jump in options, or if you're just not sure, you can always just run up and hcb+Y~u to antiair with flamethrower for a single hit, and juggle with d+X for consistent reliable damage. Also in some scenarios, if you're about to get cornered, you might find the opportunity to just cross under with the top speed of his run, giving yourself space to work with.

Sometimes, they will try to simply out projectile your single missile instead. While it's tempting to use his beam shield which is projectile invincible first frame, this is actually a losing option because of the long minimum duration, allowing them to close the gap somewhat and take your screenspace. Instead, consider jump and fly and go into his air missile pressure options to push them back. The main mixup there is fly Y then either fly down and qcf+Y, or fly up forward behind your missile and uf~d+A to unfly with uf momentum to come down with d+X. After which, you can retreat on the ground and go back to spamming Y missile traps.

Despite your efforts, you will eventually get cornered because stages are kinda small and some characters just have really strong approaches on you. At this point, things can start to suck if they just stay at close-mid range and exploit your stubby short range pokes. Your best bet if you can't push them back is to jump up or forward, and either come down with d+X or fly unfly into crossup j d+X. u+A~X to threaten with the huge stun potential delayed missiles can be an effective option to let you fly to the other side for crossup unfly. Fly Y missile can also work in some matchups. If you manage to get a throw, I'd forget the follow up and just hold up forward and look to do a quick fly unfly crossup then just run away.

Once you have wrath, you can lame them out even harder. Compared to Godzilla's, MG74's is much easier to antiair on reaction with. If the clock is running low, you can also just hold it and put them in a very awkward position. If they jump, they die. For most projectiles, if they try them, they die. All they can do is slowly inch forward, only to eventually get chipped and pushed back anyways because it hits low and has extremely long blockstun, wasting valuable time on the clock. This of course, only works if you have the lead at the time. It is unfortunately not a very useful wrath attack if you're behind, though the extra chip from the passive damage bonus is still welcome.

Strategy Against

Data Arsenal

B.png + SFC A.png

  • Run with acceleration. Impressive top speed and can run slide some attacks.

F.png + SFC A.png

  • Run with acceleration. Impressive top speed and can run slide some attacks.

SFC A.pngSFC A.png

  • ?

SFC B.png Range

  • Technically below average, but because he has such good close range lows, his opponents are almost always crouching when he's close. So he can play as if he had average throw range.

Stun Gauge

  • ?

Stun Recovery

  • ?

Other Mechanics

  • Can fly. Cannot block or recover stun in flight. Has a very short but long flight hurtbox.
  • Tall crouching hurtbox.


Ground Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png

Jumping Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png


QCD.pngSFC B.png

Special Moves

Wrath Attack

HCB.pngF.png + SFC X.png


Tech Punish

  • dd+Y
    • Very frame tight, but still some guaranteed chip even if you're slow. The better option, imo.
  • Run slide d+X
    • Also extremely precise, you want just enough run momentum so the d+X hits on the first active frame and doesn't have to travel. More damage and slightly more lenient than the above, but still difficult
  • b+A
    • Using the frame advantage to run away is a bit wasteful, but works out ok for his playstyle

General OTG

  • d+X
  • dd+Y
  • meaty dd+Y/X
    • Less guaranteed damage, but lets you pile on some stun. Also a chance they'll just get hit anyways, and can condition a human opponent for another throw



  • antiair st Y, Y/d+Y
  • antiair hcb+Y (1 hit), juggle d+X




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