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With some of the safest long range buttons in the game, huge knockback on block, and eye lasers that chip from extreme distances with very short startup and recovery, 1993 MechaGodzilla can feel oppressive and annoying for their opponents. However, he's held back by his lack of practical damaging combos, very suspect antiairs, and throws that are so bad, one of them is actually counterproductive. As such, he's somewhat similar to Gigan, but instead trades massive punishment damage for steady chip. A good pick for players who just want to hit their opponents a lot.



  • Long frame advantage lows
  • Eye lasers are very abuseable
  • Can easily feint missiles for passive pressure at any time by just crouching
  • Running X is incredibly fast and safe, has huge knockback, and sometimes combo's into d+X


  • Throw attempts hurt him more than his opponents
  • Very low damage output
  • Tall crouch and very tall knockdown hurtboxes means he gets absolutely obliterated by stun pressure
  • No reliable antiairs
  • Hitboxes are deceptively slim, and there are many heights where Mothra can just fly in his face and there's nothing he can do about it
  • Ground fireball is a bit higher than most, allowing Godzilla to run under them like Anguirus

General Strategy

Basically you just press d+Y, d+X, and dd+Y a lot and hope for the best, and sometimes use his other projectiles. d+Y is a 1 frame link into itself and has very long range for a low. d+X has deceptively long hit/blockstun, and is actually a tight frametrap with itself. It looks like his opponent can hold up forward in between to try to punish, but they will get hit before they can even leave the ground. dd+Y is his real main offensive tool with it's decently fast startup and insane range, and hits low. As a bonus, because it comes out so high and has such a quick rate of fire, it will sometimes antiair their jump in punish attempt if they jumped from far away. st X is a very fast normal that you can throw out at closer ranges to try to get some damage in too, but the priority and hitbox isn't fantastic, and it will be stuffed in many cases. Running X is his last really good move. The range isn't anything special, but it sends his opponent flying backwards a good half the screen and sometimes links into d+X, while having extremely fast recovery even on whiff. This is his main tool for taking screenspace and avoiding being cornered, while cornering his opponents.

Reactive antiairing is a huge struggle for him, with his best option just being to run backwards and try to tripguard with d+X. Sure it gives up a lot of screenspace, but he can always take it back with running X. Otherwise, his only other option is to preemptive jump and try to air to air with j. X or j. d+X. The former is one of only 2 ways he can confirm into his wrath, but is very slow to come out and the hitbox isn't very good, and the priority is just ok. However, the confirm is very difficult since it knocks down on opponents near the ground, where he'll have to wrath almost immediately, but ground bounces if they're a bit higher, in which case he needs to wait a bit. j. d+X has less priority, but much more range and slightly better startup, so it can be more reliable by hitting them out before they're even in range to press their jump in. Neither option should be used too much, as of course, randomly jumping is absolutely not safe in this game, where even empty jumps have punishable recovery frames on landing.

I would avoiding grabbing with MG93 most of the time. His easy throw is so bad that it's counterproductive, with the highest wrath generation in the game, while only dealing pixels of damage, and gives him no followups of any kind afterwards. In fact I'm not even sure he's plus afterwards. It actually generates a full wrath bar for his opponent, so you're just giving them a free super for one jab's worth of damage. His 270 isn't really much better, still doing much less damage than everyone else's easy qcd throws, but at least he gets an OTG d+X or wrath after it, and is his only other way to confirm into wrath. So if you do go for grab, make sure you're doing it with the intent of combo'ing into wrath, as that is the only time the risk is worthwhile.

His wrath, when compared to Gigan's, has a shorter hitbox, less priority, less damage, and no projectile invincibility. In exchange, it travels a bit farther and he gets a guaranteed follow up d+X in the corner. So, it can't counter projectiles, and is a less reliable antiair, even assuming it doesn't just get beat clean, cuz the speed and low height might cause you to just whiff under them. It is slightly better when used randomly as a surprise mixup because his buttons are a bit more oppressive and his wrath a bit faster, but as his only source of significant damage, gambling it away like that is going to lead to very inconsistent results. However, because getting stunned is much more of a death sentence for him than other chars, you probably don't want to hold it too long either. So, yeah, just gotta exercise your judgement with it.

Strategy Against

Data Arsenal

B.png + SFC A.png

  • Run with slow acceleration period.

F.png + SFC A.png

  • Run with slow acceleration period. Has running normals.

SFC A.pngSFC A.png

  • ?

SFC B.png Range

  • Average, but counterproductive

Stun Gauge

  • ?

Stun Recovery

  • ?

Other Mechanics


Ground Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png

Jumping Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png


QCD.pngSFC B.png

Special Moves

Wrath Attack

HCB.pngF.png + SFC X.png


Tech Punish

  • Wrath
  • d+X

General OTG

  • d+X


  • d+Y xN
    • 1 frame link vs crouching opponent. Very high stun. If you link 5 by starting from a high speed run slide d+Y, it's 100% stun
  • running X, d+X
    • Varies, sometimes they get pushed too far from the running X depending on screen position, starting distance, etc.





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