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With some of the safest long range buttons in the game, huge knockback on block, and eye lasers that chip from extreme distances with very short startup and recovery, 1993 MechaGodzilla can feel oppressive and annoying for their opponents. However, he's held back by his lack of practical damaging combos, very suspect antiairs, and throws that are so bad, one of them is actually counterproductive. As such, he's somewhat similar to Gigan, but instead trades massive punishment damage for steady chip. A good pick for players who just want to hit their opponents a lot.



  • Long frame advantage lows
  • Eye lasers are very abuseable
  • Can easily feint missiles for passive pressure at any time by just crouching
  • Running X is incredibly fast and safe, has huge knockback, and sometimes combo's into d+X


  • Throw attempts hurt him more than his opponents
  • Very low damage output
  • Tall crouch and very tall knockdown hurtboxes means he gets absolutely obliterated by stun pressure
  • No reliable antiairs
  • Hitboxes are deceptively slim, and there are many heights where Mothra can just fly in his face and there's nothing he can do about it
  • Ground fireball is a bit higher than most, allowing Godzilla to run under them like Anguirus

General Strategy

Basically, you just press d+Y, d+X, and dd+Y a lot and hope for the best, and sometimes use his other projectiles. d+Y is a 1 frame link into itself and has very long range for a low. d+X has deceptively long hit/blockstun, and is actually a tight frametrap with itself. It looks like his opponent can hold up-forward in between to try to punish, but they will get hit before they can even leave the ground. dd+Y is his real main offensive tool with decently fast startup, insane range, and low property. As a bonus, because it comes out so high and has such a quick rate of fire, it will sometimes anti-air their jump in punish attempt if they jumped from far away. st. X is a very fast normal that you can throw out at closer ranges to try to get some damage in too, but the priority and hitbox aren't fantastic, and it will be stuffed in many cases. Running X is his last really good move. The range isn't anything special, but it sends his opponent flying backwards a good half the screen and sometimes links into d+X, while having extremely fast recovery even on whiff. This is his main tool for taking screen space and avoiding being cornered while cornering his opponents.

Reactive anti-airing is a huge struggle for him, with his best option just being to run backwards and try to tripguard with d+X. Sure it gives up a lot of screen space, but he can always take it back with running X. Otherwise, his only other option is to preemptive jump and try air-to-airing with j. X or j. d+X. The former is one of only two ways he can confirm into his wrath but is very slow to come out and the hitbox isn't very good, and the priority is just ok. However, the confirm is very difficult since it knocks down on opponents near the ground, where he'll have to wrath almost immediately, but ground bounces if they're a bit higher, in which case he needs to wait a bit. j. d+X has less priority, but much more range and slightly better startup, so it can be more reliable by hitting them out before they're even in range to press their jump in. Neither option should be used too much, as of course, randomly jumping is absolutely not safe in this game, where even empty jumps have punishable recovery frames on landing.

I would avoid grabbing with MG93 most of the time. His easy throw is so bad that it's counterproductive, with the highest wrath generation in the game, while only dealing pixels of damage, and gives him no followups of any kind afterward. In fact, I'm not even sure he's plus afterward. It actually generates a full wrath bar for his opponent, so you're just giving them a free super for one jab's worth of damage. His 270 isn't really much better, still doing much less damage than everyone else's easy QCD throws, but at least he gets an OTG d+X or wrath after it, and is his only other way to confirm into wrath. So if you do go for grab, make sure you're doing it with the intent of comboing into wrath, as that is the only time the risk is worthwhile.

His wrath, when compared to Gigan's, has a shorter hitbox, less priority, less damage, and no projectile invincibility. In exchange, it travels a bit farther and he gets a guaranteed follow-up d+X in the corner. So it can't counter projectiles and is a less reliable anti-air, even assuming it doesn't just get beat clean, as the speed and low height might cause you to just whiff under them. It is slightly better when used randomly as a surprise mixup because his buttons are a bit more oppressive and his wrath a bit faster, but as his only source of significant damage, gambling it away like that is going to lead to very inconsistent results. However, because getting stunned is much more of a death sentence for him than other chars, you probably don't want to hold it too long either. So, yeah, just gotta exercise your judgment with it.

Strategy Against

Data Arsenal


  • Run with slow acceleration period.


  • Run with slow acceleration period. Has running normals.

  • ?


  • Average, but counterproductive

Stun Gauge

  • ?

Stun Recovery

  • ?

Wake Up Speed

  • Very fast

Other Mechanics


Ground Normals

  • A fast high backhand to the face. Deceptively high hitbox makes it easy to crouch, and also has slightly less range than his d+Y. The hitbox is also very small, making it unreliable as an antiair. The animation is very quick, and I think the developer intent may have been so he can do the classic shoto cr. lk, whiff st. lp into throw, but since his throw is counterproductive, and blockstun doesn't give throw protection in this game anyways, there isn't much practical use for this button outside of just weirding your opponent out.

  • The best d+Y in the game. Very fast and long, great frame advantage and can just barely link into itself. Damage is low, but stun is moderate. An extremely oppressive poke and probably his strongest tool overall, setting him up for the rest of his (lack of) offense by forcing his opponent to sit and block. Don't be fooled by his thick legs though, the hitbox is quite skinny vertically, and struggles to hit Mothra.

  • A very fast upwards punch. The damage is low, but startup is as fast as even the fastest Ys. Able to punish many openings and challenge out of pressure with its moderate priority. Can be crouched under if they're not right in his face, and the reach in general is mediocre, so loses a lot of value as a poke. Can be used as antiair in some instances, but usually it doesn't have enough priority and will just get stuffed clean, or trade unfavorably due to its low damage. Using his maneuverability to get around their jump in hitbox first and hit them from an angle where this can hit clean is a very effective tactic, albeit difficult and often not viable.

  • A very long leg sweep, reminiscent of E.Honda's f+hk, though this doesn't knock down. Damage is low, like everything else he does, and startup and overall speed is not bad at best. Priority is moderately good, and it has unusually long hit/blockstun. So much that it actually frame traps with itself, as odd as it looks. Much like his d+Y, the hitbox is deceptively skinny, and is just a thin horizontal bar across the ground. There is no hitbox where his thigh is, but it's in the empty space under it instead So again, difficult to hit Mothra with, and also important to keep in mind when timing it as a trip guard antiair. Despite these drawbacks, the extreme reach and long active frames makes this an excellent poke overall, allowing it to stuff many attacks from out of their reach or before their active frames, making the moderate priority sometimes a nonfactor. When timed and spaced well, allows him to go toe to toe at midrange even against the best in the business, such as Godzilla's dp, Anguirus hcb+Y, and Ghidorah's d+X.

(while running forward)

  • Horizontal headbutt. I'm actually pretty sure the dev's accidentally swapped the frame data for this and the X version. Y has low knockback and damage, but terrible, punishable recovery and animation speed. Never use.

(while running forward)

  • Horizontal headbutt, looks the same as the above, but with better damage (though still very low), absolutely massive knockback, and almost instant recovery. Sometimes links into d+X depending on your move speed, screen position, and how closely it hit. Often times though, they get pushed so far that even d+X doesn't reach anymore. An amazing frametrap and pressure tool to bully opponents into the corner, or create distance after interrupting with d+Y, making it incredibly difficult for close range chars to stay in on him, to balance out his poor capabilities for keeping them out.
  • Alongside his run slide d+Y to easily get in their face with advantage, MG93 is incredibly effective at dictating when and where melee exchanges happen, and thus controlling the pace of the match.

Jumping Normals

  • A very short reach upwards uppercut with short active frames. Like Megalon's j.X, except worse in every way. Really easy to get full punished when you land if used as an antiair unless it kills or stuns, so I have no idea what the intended purpose of this button even is.

  • A low jump kick active for entire jump. His only low reaching jump in, but like any other j.Y, will be disadvantageous or punishable upon landing. Use sparingly and carefully.

  • A very slow, slightly downwards angled punch. Knocks down standing opponents, ground bounces aerial ones. Awful startup and not a lot of active frames or reach. One of the few ways to setup for his wrath, but because the time it takes for them to get up is vastly different whether it gets a regular knockdown or a ground bounce, it's difficult to confirm into. His highest reward jump in, but the slow speed can get him into trouble without Garuda support.

  • Very long horizontal side kick. A bit faster than his j.X and more active frames, but still slow and with very poor downwards vertical reach. However, the massive range means a lot of characters can't do anything about it. A great long range jumping poke, and also a decent predictive air to air. Generally the jump attack you'll use the most for its relative safety, to keep the spirit of his oppressive playstyle. Priority is mediocre, and will be stuffed clean from time to time, especially by antiairs that can reach forward and under to target his back leg.


  • A weird elbow/headlock thing, followed by pushing them down behind him. Technically a bite throw, and is by far the worst throw in the game. Damage is minimal, stun is low or negative because animation is so long, but gives full wrath. Cannot be stand glitched, and no followups are available. I'm not even sure he's even frame advantage after. Completely counterproductive unless those few pixels of damage kill. Avoid ever using. You're probably better off letting them tech and punish you than doing this throw and giving them full wrath and reset position to neutral for basically free.

  • Shock anchors. Still very low damage, but allows for followup d+X or wrath. Generally not worth the risk if you're not gonna combo into wrath, but should still do it occasionally to keep them honest and make his lows more threatening.

Special Moves

/ (air ok)

  • Mega buster. A largely unremarkably average fireball, with the only noteworthy property being it's just high enough for Godzilla to run under. Air version also comes out extremely high, making it usually impractical as an attack, and is more used to float. Deals average damage, which is a lot for him, but also gives a lot of wrath.


  • Paralyzer missiles. Very long damage, but extremely high stun. The startup is technically not great, but because it looks identical to him just crouching, they come out really suddenly to the opponent. A great pressure tool to keep them paranoid and blocking. Still does a large percentage of stun even on block.
  • Y version fires from his shoulder, has much less startup, and lower projectile speed and stun.
  • X version fires from his hips, has much more startup, but faster projectile speed and almost half a bar of stun on hit. Can go under some opposing fireballs.


  • Laser cannon. Eye lasers that shoot down at a shallow angle. Hits low, good startup, and reaches very far. His main safe chip pressure tool to weave into his frametraps for damage. Also an excellent meaty. Much more difficult to jump over and punish compare to showa MG's equivalent, since the projectiles start so high that many jump in attempts just get clipped by them instead. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to harass with this. Since his throws are awful, this is his main way of punishing an opponent for just turtling.


  • Plasma grenade. Absorbs and returns energy projectiles after releasing. Continues to absorb even during the firing animation. Is a lot less impressive than it looks. Although it returns many projectiles, he's locked into the animation for a long time, and each projectile deals very low damage and has very low hitstun, resulting in them often taking a few hits then blocking the rest when it does hit, and is easy to jump over and trade with many jump ins, usually not in MG's favor.
  • Cannot absorb physical projectiles. Those will just hit him.
  • 2 MG93s can softlock the round if they point blank plasma grenade each other. Since it creates more projectiles than it absorbs, and they absorb each other before their projectiles cancel out, they just both fire indefinitely.

Wrath Attack


  • An SNK style autocombo. Another unblockable hit forward rush wrath attack, very similar to Gigan's. Compared to Gigan's, has a shorter hitbox, less priority, less damage, and no projectile invincibility. In exchange, it travels a bit farther and he gets a guaranteed follow-up d+X in the corner.
  • Can only be combo'ed into from j.X or his 270 throw, so often times, you'll have to gamble it away randomly as a mixup after conditioning them to block with his frametraps, or use it as a raw punish if they make a major mistake.
  • His only source of big damage, so having it not connect can be very costly. However, because of his large knockdown hurtbox, not spending it and getting stunned can be even more costly. Overall, a game changing and very scary wrath, for both players.


Tech Punish

  • Wrath
  • d+X

General OTG

  • d+X


  • d+Y xN
    • 1 frame link vs crouching opponent. Very high stun. If you link 5 by starting from a high speed run slide d+Y, it's 100% stun
  • running X, d+X
    • Varies, sometimes they get pushed too far from the running X depending on screen position, starting distance, etc.





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