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The full boss version of the 1993 MechaGodzilla, now equipped with Garuda. This version fixes much of his base version's weaknesses, while further improving his strengths, most importantly giving him reliable antiairs and strong pressure tools. The result is Super MG is even more oppressive, and feels threatening instead of merely annoying.



  • With Garuda equipped, he's much faster than before, and has a double jump. His 270 throw does real damage, his wrath absorbs projectiles and is much faster
  • With Garuda off, the Garuda swoop is an untargetable assist call that's superb for lockdown, chip, and is anti everything due to how long it stuns for
  • He can antiair properly now, in either form


  • Button hitboxes are still slim
  • Damage output is still low
  • Crouch and stun hurtboxes are still huge

General Strategy

Plays largely the same as regular MG93, but has antiairs and a reason to grab when he doesn't have wrath now, which makes his low poke pressure now terrifying. His boosted wrath is a much better random mixup, and can punish any energy projectile attempt from extreme distances on reaction. With Garuda off, he can confirm into wrath on hit or block from any swoop. Try your best to get Garuda off and near them for massive pressure. If Garuda is close, swoop and trading is often a better antiair as you can confirm into j. X then OTG with d+X. However, even if you get separated from Garuda, the dp beam can still protect you from jumpers from afar. Keep in mind his throws and wrath take on his regular version's properties when Garuda isn't attached, so swoop into forced throw is probably not a very good option. You'll mostly be looking to aggressively amass stun and chip pressure, and just getting your damage in when they're stunned.

Strategy Against

Data Arsenal Differences


  • Faster when Garuda is equipped.


  • Faster when Garuda is equipped.

Other Mechanics

  • Can double jump when Garuda is equipped.

Movelist Differences


(with Garuda equipped)

  • G-Crusher. Similar to his regular 270, but damage is significantly higher and more respectable. Though, still fairly subpar throw damage overall.

Special Moves

(Garuda equipped)+

  • Garuda detach. The detached Garuda has no hurtbox.

(Garuda separated) Hold +

  • Garuda attach/recall. With d+A held down, Garuda will quickly fly towards MG's horizontal position. Continuing to hold will make it descend and reattach. Normally, Garuda will very slowly move toward's MG's horizontal position. Use this and ground movement to put Garuda where you want it to be.


  • Garuda Maser. Fire 45 degrees upwards when equipped, and horizontally forward in the direction Garuda's facing at its current height when separated. Motion is done based on which way MG's facing, irrelevant of Garuda's. Deals very low damage and stun, but is an excellent antiair for its speed and by nature of being a projectile.
  • Y version has much quicker startup and recovery, and is almost always preferred. When separated, MG only stands still for less than a dozen frames to call Garuda, allowing him to followup and juggle if it hits, or usually still block in time if he sees that it'll miss.
  • X version is much slower. Attached version is just straight minus even if it hits antiair, so never do that. Detached, MG will stand still for about half a second to call Garuda. Less than ideal, especially with how low the damage still is, but usable in edge case scenarios such as to pressure Mothra.
  • Detached version can be used while Garuda is ascending/descending from attach/detach. If you have time, it is better to antiair with low height detached maser, since the animation for MG himself is much shorter, allowing him to easily follow up with strong juggle or oki pressure.

(Garuda separated)/

  • Garuda swoop. MG roars, calls for Garuda to swoop down and forward. The hitbox is the "beak" of Garuda, hidden behind the cannons in its sprite. On hit, Garuda will fire a barrage of projectiles that deal low damage and stun, give a chunk of wrath, but keep them stationary for a long period of time, even in midair, allowing MG to confirm with huge followups, such as j.X, X fireball, or wrath for damage, or Y spam or paralyzer missiles for huge stun. Attacks during the barrage will also not have any knockback.
  • Does short block stun when blocked, and does not chip. However, MG still recovers first and gets free pressure anyways.
  • Regardless if it hits or not, Garuda will then return to the position it started the swoop from. It cannot do any other actions while swooping or returning.
  • This is always blocked by holding away from MG, even if Garuda attacks from behind.
  • MG will roar regardless if Garuda is available or not. Garuda will not swoop if it is still in recover frames from maser or another swoop.
  • Interrupting MG's roar will not prevent Garuda from swooping.
  • It technically can be done while its ascending/descending from attach/detach, but requires holding down for some time, otherwise his eye laser input takes priority.
  • Y version roar is much shorter, has faster startup, and swoop distance and barrage duration are much shorter. Overall, the frame advantage on hit is about the same on both versions. However, MG is much less advantageous if X swoop is blocked.
  • Overall, the strongest addition to his kit. Sadly, the input is a bit wonky, and sometimes even normals take priority over it for unknown reasons.

Wrath Attack

(with Garuda equipped) +

  • All weapons fire. A charging unblockable hit, which on contact will immobilize his opponent with his G-crusher, then proceed to unload all his projectiles at them.
  • A direct upgrade to his normal wrath. It travels much faster, farther (full screen length), gains projectile immunity and absorbs energy projectiles to increase its damage even further, and does much more damage.
  • The only downside is it ducks down even farther, and when combined with it's quicker move speed, makes it even less viable as an antiair. It doesn't make it significantly easier or harder to jump over on reaction though.
  • It also doesn't have quite as much frame advantage, and doesn't get follow up OTGs in the corner. Still gets oki or meaty chip though.
  • Does around 52% damage on its own normally, and goes all the way up to 75% if it absorbs just a single energy projectile during the charge, which he can punish with anywhere on the screen on reaction.
  • Mothra takes significantly less damage, as her small size causes many of the projectiles during the wrath to whiff.


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