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kan kan mikan
Full name Gerald Lee
Age Older than Melee
Height About 29 mandarin oranges high
Blood type Red
Hometown NY/NJ
Likes Playing Venus, rhythm games, vintage keyboards, long talks in the Sailor Moon S Discord, Hori Hayabusa parts
Dislikes Being confused for Core-A Gaming's Gerald Lee or Tamn Son, Space Time Door
Special skills Shitposting, having long hair

KanKanMikan reworked a lot of the SMS wiki to make the format better. Cool dude and is known for their knowledge of many things because in games like quake, you would have client side prediction so if you ever dropped packets, opponents would jsut continue moving int he same direction that they were before and this is still very very common in FPS games today GGPO's rollback netcode is this same idea but in a peer to peer setting where both clients make predictions and synchronize whenever possible but you literally cant be predicting future inputs accurately even in a finite state machine the best "solution" to that is creating some kind of statistical model where you say that the player has X% chance to do some input within a Y frame timespan of this previous input if you do a qcf, its likely you're going to throw some fireball and press a punch within say a 5 frame timelength from the forward input you can also apply that to combos and whatnot you can "predict" future inputs off this model but you cant be truly predicting inputs when you factor in all the ludicriously high amount of situations where you could be inputting the same qcf input for all sorts of different reasons and honestly its giving stadia a lot of benefit of the doubt that its being applied to fighting games, since most fighting games are predictable finite state machines not necessarily in terms of what players are going to input at any given point, but in terms of how inputs get translated to gamestate inputting a fireball (in most games) will always give you the same move. there is no RNG affecting move properties, frame data, or hitboxes the idea of "predictive" input systems becomes a bigger nightmare for games that actually have degrees of randomness that affect game state (like cone of fire bloom or recoil patterns in FPS games) if you've ever played TF2 or CS before, theres a reason why theres differences in clientside and serverside hitreg