Tiny (Ultra)

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UCF TinyProfile.png
Likes Color
Hates Wimps
Wants Fights
Job Flexing
Motto Destroy


Y UCF Tiny4.png X UCF Tiny3.png L UCF Tiny5.png Select UCF Tiny9.png
B UCF Tiny2.png A UCF Tiny1.png R UCF Tiny6.png U UCF Tiny7.png D UCF Tiny8.png


  • Crouching MK.png, Close HK.png


  • Close HP.png, Top Rope Axe Handle


  • Crouching MP.png, Wimp Slide


  • Crouching HK.png, Close HP.png

Special Moves

  • Medicine Ball (can be done in midair): Charge B.png,F.png + AnyP.png
Tiny curls into a ball and flies straight forward and then will then uncurl and fall to the ground. Strength used determines distance travelled and speed.
  • Arching Medicine Ball (can be done in midair): QCF.png + AnyK.png or Charge D.png, U.png + AnyP.png
Grounded this move goes up forward and has increased range based on the kick strength used. In the air the move can be aimed upwards with MK.png or HK.png but the the LK.png version goes down forward making it useful for rush down or for a sneaky cross ups (especially on the opponents wakeup).
  • Top Rope Axe Handle: QCB.png+AnyP.png
Jumping attack with the ability to launch opponents with a Hi-Striker on hit. Can be interrupted with any attack button. Punch strength used determines speed and distance.

AnyP.png - Elbow Smash

AnyK.png - Leg Drop

  • Hurricane Punch: QCF.png+AnyP.png
A rushing punch that can pass through opponents. Punch strength used determines speed and distance. Cancels at the end of animation allowing for a free follow up.
  • Ultra Macho Impact: HP.png+HK.png
A command grab that ends with a wall bounce.
  • Tiny Rush: QCB.png+AnyK.png
A command run that hits low with Wimp Slide, if uninterrupted. Tiny rush can be interrupted with any standing normal to create a running attack. Strength of button used determines distance of the run.

LP.png - Rushing Light Punch

MP.png - Rushing Medium Punch

HP.png - Elbow Smash (Overhead)

LK.png - Wimp Slide (Hits Low)

MK.png - Big Boot (Minor Launches)

HK.png - Jumping Leg Drop (Overhead)

  • Flexquake: HCF.png+AnyK.png
Tiny strikes a pose and creates an earthquake which reaches far in front of him.

Super KO

  • Ultra Macho Flexercizer: LP.png+MP.png

Tiny rushes forward the full length of the screen performing a close light punch and performing a 4 hit punch combo which ends with a crouching heavy punch which launches the opponent off of the wall. Tiny will complete the super on block or hit.

Chains & Combos

UCFTE Cart US.png
Ultra ClayFighter Tournament Edition
Bad Mr. Frosty Blob Blue Seude Goo Bonker
Helga Ickybod Clay Taffy Tiny
Gold N.Boss
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