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 WIP.png Bear with us! This article is a work in progress.

We're currently gathering more information for this article. Stay tuned!

How to use

It's incredibly straightforward. Simply add images to the fields used (or type in a description) and delete the other fields you don't use.
It's that simple.
e.g. Character only has P1 and P2 colors? Only include the "P1-Palette" and "P2-Palette" fields below and delete the rest.

Seriously - if you can't figure this one out after that explanation, you might be a lost cause.

I made sure to include plenty of color-select methods - but if I missed one, let me know and I'll be happy to add it here as well!


Player 1 {{{P1-Palette}}}
Player 2 {{{P2-Palette}}}
LP.png {{{LP-Palette}}}
MP.png {{{MP-Palette}}}
HP.png {{{HP-Palette}}}
LK.png {{{LK-Palette}}}
MK.png {{{MK-Palette}}}
HK.png {{{HK-Palette}}}
AnyP.png {{{AnyP-Palette}}}
AnyK.png {{{AnyK-Palette}}}
AnyP.pngAnyP.pngAnyP.png {{{AllP-Palette}}}
AnyK.pngAnyK.pngAnyK.png {{{AllK-Palette}}}
Start button {{{StartB-Palette}}}
Select button {{{SelectB-Palette}}}
Hold any button for 2 seconds {{{H2S-Palette}}}