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System Mechanics

TMNTxJLT borrows a lot of its mechanical design from TMNT Tournament Fighters, but with a few unique systems of its own to make it truly its own experience. This page will serve as an overview of those unique systems.

Normal Chains

Light normals in TMNTxJLT can be chained into other light normals, as well as heavy normals using a system similar to the CPS1 chains of the early Street Fighter II games.
Light normals can only chain into heavy normals of the same attack type, i.e. Xjlt lp.png can only chain to itself, Xjlt lk.png or Xjlt hp.png, not Xjlt hk.png.

To chain light normals into heavy normals, you must press both punch or kick buttons after the light attack button, i.e. to chain Xjlt lk.png to Xjlt hk.png, the sequence would be input as Xjlt lk.png > Xjlt lk.png+Xjlt hk.png

Universal Command Grab

On top of their normal grabs, every character has access to a command grab with HCB.png+Xjlt lk.png/Xjlt hk.png. These command grabs are a universal 3F option that start juggle combos, at the expense of having a large whiff recovery. Use these to push your offense or make a risky gamble on defense!

Super Attacks

Super attacks are achieved by simply pressing the Xjlt s1.png or Xjlt s2.png buttons. Each character has access to two variants of the same super, which can be used for different purposes, i.e. one might be better as a whiff punish, while one will more easily fit into combos. Super attacks all cost a full Super meter.


Many attacks will knock the opponent up on hit, allowing you to follow up with a juggle combo. The juggle rules are fairly simple -- you are allowed a maximum of two juggle hits before your opponent is knocked down.

Universal Juggle Starters

In addition to characters specific moves that begin juggles there are also two universal ways to start them, both of which involve hitting the opponent when they are airborne.

First is by hitting a jumping opponent with a special move, they will be put into a juggle state.

The second is by hitting a jumping opponent that is doing an attack with a grounded heavy attack of your own. Unlike the other method they must be attacking in order to get the juggle state, so this can be called "Counter Hit Anti Air" or "CH AA" for short.

Omega Factor

Omega Factor is signified by the Ω symbol next to your character's life bar.

When your character has an Ω symbol next to their life bar, the Omega Factor is active, allowing them to perform Omega Special Moves, which function similarly to EX Special Moves in other fighting games. The Omega Factor essentially functions as its own resource, so Omega Special Moves will expend the Omega Factor rather than the Super meter. Additionally, Omega Special Moves do not count towards the game's juggle counter, allowing you to use them to extend combos past the usual limits.

You can gain the Omega Factor through two primary methods:
1. Land the first hit of the round
2. Avoid being hit by attacks for four in-game seconds

It also becomes possible to use Omega Special Moves by using red (recoverable) life, which is gained by taking damage without being counter hit. Red life can give you up to two extra Omega Special moves to use. The Ω symbol in your life bar will change to signify how many Omega Special Moves are available:
Ω: 1 Omega
Ω: 2 Omega
Ω: 3 Omega

The Omega Factor can also be spent on Omega Super Attacks. These powered up Super Attacks are performed by pressing Xjlt s1.png+Xjlt s2.png, and require Ω, or Ω and a full life bar.

Priority System

TMNTxJLT has a trade priority system, similar to Street Fighter III: Third Strike. This means that certain attacks will beat others clean if they both connect on the same frame. The priority list is shown below -- items to the left out-prioritise items to the right.

Super Attack > Super Throw > Special Attack > Special Command Grab > Heavy Attack > Universal Command Grab > Light Attack > Normal Throw

Tag Mode

Upon entering character select, you can choose to play in either Single mode or Tag mode! Tag mode is a fun new way to play TMNTxJLT that adds the craziness of a tag-team fighting game to the base experience.

Tag Mechanics

In Tag mode, the Super meter is split into two segments. Super attacks still cost a full Super meter, but in Tag Mode, special Tag actions can be performed at the cost of half of the Super meter.

Normal Tag

Tag in your reserve character by pressing Xjlt hp.png+Xjlt hk.png. Your point character will leave, and your reserve character will take their place, performing a quick taunt before becoming actionable. Normal tags do not cost any Super meter to perform, but do have a punishable window while they're taunting.

Quick Tag

By pressing Xjlt hp.png+Xjlt hk.png while performing an attack, your reserve character will perform a unique attack as they tag in to replace the point character. These unique Quick Tag attacks are exceptionally useful in combos, as they bypass the juggle limit, and even reset it after they hit! Quick Tags cost half of the Super meter to perform.

Saving Tag

If you're in trouble, you can call on your partner to come get you out of a bad spot! By pressing Xjlt hp.png+Xjlt hk.png while being hit, your reserve character will dive into the fight, knocking the opponent away while replacing your point character. This powerful defensive option can be used to get yourself out of some of the devastating combos characters can perform in Tag mode. Saving Tag costs one half of the Super meter, as well as a Ω Red Omega Factor.

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