Taffy (Ultra)

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UCF TaffyProfile.png
Likes Sweets
Hates Dentists
Wants Candy
Job Candyman
Motto Stretch


Y UCF Taffy4.png X UCF Taffy3.png L UCF Taffy5.png Select UCF Taffy9.png
B UCF Taffy2.png A UCF Taffy1.png R UCF Taffy6.png D UCF Taffy8.png U UCF Taffy7.png


  • Close HK.png, Crouching HP.png, Hard Candy Kick


  • Far HK.png, Crouching LK.png, Crouching MK.png, Crouching HK.png

Special Moves

  • Two-Fisted Charge (can be done in midair): Charge B.png, F.png + AnyP.png
A rushing punch attack that goes straight, but if done in the air it will angle downward. Strength determines speed and distance.
  • Taffy Tornado (can be done in midair): QCB.png + AnyP.png
Taffy hops back then spins towards the opponent launching them into the air, depending on distance can hit up to three times. In the air the spin will start immediately and after completing its forward movement will arc downward slightly.
  • Corkscrew Combination (can be done in midair): DP.png + Punch
An anti air version of the Taffy Tornado that travels forward and and then goes into the air. The move can hit up to 3 times, and ends with a heavy knockdown. LP.png version of the move has less horizontal movement making it better for an anti-air, while the HP.png version quickly travels half the screen horizontally.
  • Sugar High: MP.png + MK.png
A slightly lower command jump designed to allow for quick overheads and to force moves to whiff, like a normal jump it makes use of forward momentum.
  • Taffy Taunt: HP.png + HK.png
Taunt with the ability to be cancelled into special moves, used mostly as bait to annoy the opponent into a mistake.
  • Jawbreaker (can be done in midair): QCF.png + AnyK.png
Taffy launches an anti air gumball, the angle changes depending on the kick strength used.
  • Hard Candy Kick (can be done in midair): QCB.png + AnyK.png
Launching double kick which is very potent for starting juggles and can also be done in air.
  • Taffy Slip: LP.png+LK.png
Taffy performs a spin that dodges attacks and projectiles while crossing through the opponent.

Super KO

  • Taffy Twister: LP.png+MP.png
Taffy rushes in with a Taffy Tornado and ends by launching the opponent off of the wall, can be a great hit confirm off of Taffy's long range normals.

Chains & Combos

UCFTE Cart US.png
Ultra ClayFighter Tournament Edition
Bad Mr. Frosty Blob Blue Seude Goo Bonker
Helga Ickybod Clay Taffy Tiny
Gold N.Boss
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