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Sailor Saturn
Full name
Blood type
Likes Chibiusa
Dislikes Feeling left out
Special skills

She's not even in this version, but do not play this character anyway! If you value any sort of humanity avoid her! Play Fighter S if you must. If you must proceed... Do NOT, and I mean DO NOT!, spam LK, close HK, or her air projectile. They're her worst moves! The only Scouts she can reasonably take her on are Uranus and Chibimoon. Pegasus sucks, so go in on the brat when she's at low health. Maybe throw a projectile just to be safe anyway. With so many projectiles and a STICK, she at least does a better job than Mars in keepaway, but you're probably not here for that. Her crLPs hits low so that definitely makes her better than Mars. That's something going for her. Just uh... avoid defensive situations. Okay? She doesn't have a reliable guard cancel. She also lacks a proper anti-air outside of air-to-air challenges. Point is: she's Sailor Saturn. If you find yourself losing something is wrong.

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