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Super Sailor Moon
Full name
Blood type
Special skills

Super Sailor Moon has received major changes to make her stand out from regular Sailor Moon.


Color Swaps

Changes from Super S

  • Walk speed: increased
  • Forward Dash: aerial attacks can be performed while dashing
  • Gorgeous Meditation: inputs changed
  • Gorgeous Meditation L: faster recovery and slower projectile
  • Gorgeous Meditation H: slower startup, faster recovery and slower projectile
  • Kick Throw: removed
  • Close HP: removed
  • Far HP: faster startup/recovery
  • Tiara Action: replaced with Cosmic Punch
  • Sonic Cry: replaced with Pulsar Dance
  • Silver Crystal Operation: replaced with Celestial Heart Power

Base Damage List

  • Cosmic Punch L (10)
  • Cosmic Punch H (12)
  • Gorgeous Meditation L (16)
  • Gorgeous Meditation R (18)
  • Pulsar Dance L (4)
  • Pulsar Dance H (12)
  • Celestial Heart Power (6)

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