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Sailor Neptune
Full name
Blood type
Special skills


Color Swaps

Changes from Super S

  • Dragon Rise: new input commands (2,3,6,2,3,6,HP) removed first forward input
  • Dragon Rise: damage increased (+8)
  • Submarine Reflection: faster startup/recovery and slower projectile
  • Submarine Reflection: new input commands ([4],6,LK/HK) avoids conflict with Splash Edge
  • Submarine Reflection: heavy projectile causes knockdown on hit
  • Deep Submerge: smaller hitbox (infamous big brain)
  • Deep Submerge: projectile hitbox fix on 4th sprite (used to be off-centered)
  • Deep Submerge: heavy projectile causes knockdown on hit

Base Damage List

  • Deep Submerge L (8)
  • Deep Submerge H (10)
  • Submarine Reflection L (12)
  • Submarine Reflection H (14)
  • Splash Edge L (12,10)
  • Splash Edge H (14,8)
  • Dragon Rise (48)

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