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Full name Aoki Marin
Age 17
Height 155cm
Blood type A
Hometown Aomori (Japan)
Likes Sailor uniform, Chess
Dislikes Bad guys, Jellyfish
Special skills Shoto

Aoki Marin is the lead character from the Pretty Fighter series. Her sprite art is from Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter (SNES) Despite Pretty Fighter being a notoriously bad fighting game, she was added to Fighter S as an extra playable character. Many of her moves from the SNES game were repurposed.


Color Swaps


  • Marin's sailor outfit can be seen as a reference to Sailor Moon's.
  • Both Sailor Moon S and Pretty Fighter are an all-girls fighting game released on December 1994.
  • Voice actress of Sailor Venus also voiced some characters in Pretty Fighter.

Base Damage List

  • Sailor Punch L (3,6)
  • Sailor Punch H (6,10)
  • Rolling Flash L (3)
  • Rolling Flash H (12)
  • Burusera Upper L (8~10)
  • Burusera Upper H (8~12)
  • Ultimawashi (48)

Character Overview

Aoki Marin was initially the worst character when first released, ironically fitting of how awful the original game was, but quickly received improvements to make her competitive. She is the closest to a traditional Shoto in this. Compared to Neptune, her DP isn't as spammy and she lacks a standing overhead, but Marin does have a Hurricane Kick that serves as an one. The issue is that it can only be done in the air.

Learning how to backdash-cancel Rolling Flash greatly expands her offensive options. It can be used to extend combos a little more, or as a mixup to confuse how her opponent should guard-cancel. There is also the potential for infinites, but she can convert any stray hit into a loop with L Sailor Punch for far less effort. Her projectile isn't as useful to throw out in neutral, since it can be ducked, though the recovery makes it easy to spam. Burusera Upper is a weird move. The light version is her main reversal, but since both versions lack i-frames it is easily stuffed by frame traps. The heavy version is an amazing finisher with its far reach. Ultimawashi is slightly more useful than Jupiter's old Ultimate, with tweaked startup and recovery. It is still not quite useful.

Like most other characters her kicks are overall better, though her punches are faster. Note that unlike Raph and SF2 Ryu/Ken, her stand kicks are not lows. Her most notable normals are her Close and Jump HKs. Close HK has really low startup and recovery, allowing for easy links. It also has a reasonable proximity to use it from. Diagonal Jump HK does two hits. It's really good for combos, and the second hit gives the move a little more safety. LK is more reliable for crossups though. Straight Jump HK is unique in that it lingers like most light aerial normals, making it one of her best tools to counter air approaches.

Overall, Marin is a character that is effective both honest and dishonest. She is closer to Ken with their mutual lack of defense and reliance on aggression. While not as simple as Super Sailor Moon, she is still a great choice for those who want a middle ground between beginner and intermediate skill levels.


  • Has an infinite with extremely low execution
  • Among the simplest of characters, with a high ceiling
  • Combos are effective no matter the complexity
  • Fast normals all-around


  • Lacks a true reversal outside of the universal backdash and throw
  • Burusera Upper lacks any invincibility
  • Ultimawashi requires a read, conditioning, or distance i.e. mainly useless
  • Sailor Punch can be ducked by most characters, especially the light version


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