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A well rounded solid playstyle character, Megalon is the most mixup heavy of the 3, but also the most risky due to not having any tools to get out of pressure. Coupled with his deceptively tall crouch, he struggles against aggressive rushdown if they get in. Therefore, it's very important for him to....well, play solid. He has all the tools he needs to never get into a situation like that, but it only takes one mistake for everything to go downhill. Recommended only for players confidant in their antiairs and neutral.



  • Highest damage throw in the game
  • Easy 50% guaranteed damage off his easy drill(bite) throw
  • Fastest fireball startup in the game. Random midscreen fireball is a legit mixup, a la Butt from Garou
  • Easy mixups after firebombs, hit or blocked. They also do lots of chip on block
  • Y psycho crusher has extremely fast startup, recovery, priority, and destroys projectiles. Though this is somewhat offset by its low damage
  • j. d+X is one of the best air normals in the game, with a huge hitbox, range, priority, knocks grounded opponents down on hit, and ground bounces air opponents, while being safe on block with long blockstun and good knockback
  • One of the best wrath attacks in the game, with incredibly high damage on hit with guaranteed followups on standing opponents for even more damage, and a ton of chip and a free mixup on block. Can also be used as a devastating antiair


  • Worst jabs in the game, while having subpar throw range and no good reversal specials means he's quite helpless in oki and frame trap situations, of which this game is full of
  • Tall crouch can get him into trouble
  • His highest damage throw has an absurd pretzel motion
  • Fireball recovery leaves a lot to be desired, though it's still safe in most cases

General Strategy

First and foremost, get used to buffering Y psycho crusher. Megalon absolutely cannot afford to let opponents put him into their frame traps, and instant air Y psycho crusher is his quickest and most reliable on reaction antiair due to its speed and priority. The execution can be a bit tight, since you usually wanna have the ff buffered while on the ground, then still need to react to whether you need to jump backwards or straight up, and what height you want to do it at to hit them, so in many cases you're pressing Y at the very limits of the buffer window. Despite being his lowest damage antiair, this should be a core skill to keep yourself safe and solid.

Once you have that down, you can use his riskier but more rewarding antiairs for when you're expecting a jump. j. d+X is simple and leads to ground bounce for good followup options, but is kinda slow, and may just require a hard read. Tripguard firebomb is the other great option, but be careful of jump ins that bounce/float or knock you down, cuz the idea is you trade hits favorably, cuz you'll be able to combo or mixup off the firebomb to deal far more damage than you took, and you can't do that if they just bounce off you or knock you down. It's a really strong option for jump ins like Ghidorah's j. X, which is always risky to challenge. And of course, tripguard wrath is well over 50% from the wrath alone and almost guaranteed stun from your followup, just make sure you do it early enough so that they don't just hit you out of your wrath startup. Being hit out of your wrath recovery, however, is great for you and likely death for them.

Have ff buffered also means you can easily insta 1 button punish most fireball attempts. Some come out at odd heights and can slip past your drill hitbox and hit you, as only the drill destroys projectiles, so be wary of those. Psycho crusher of course also low crushes, and can also be let loose to punish low poke attempts like Ghidorah or MG93's d+X. It's just an incredible anti everything special that you should always have ready. Which, is probably why the damage it deals is so minimal. It's also the best special in the game to 1st frame air reversal glitch out of juggle states, such as after being hit by Ghidorah st Y or Biollante d+Y.

Once you've established yourself, your offense is pretty straight forward and braindead. Random j. d+X is always a threat cuz it leads to your choice of guaranteed OTG damage or meaty firebomb mixups. Random qcf+Y comes out so fast that it's basically impossible to react to block from midscreen. The recovery may feel iffy, but you're safe on hit or block even from Godzilla run slide X, so everything should be fine unless you didn't establish yourself well enough and they pre jumped over it. Spacing your Y psycho crusher to stop 1 pixel from their face and then throwing is the classic Blanka lp ball into throw setup, and still works just as well over 20 years later. Any time you get them to block an X firebomb, you can dash up for a true 50/50 with either d+hold X to frametrap low for big damage, or throw them for big damage. If you wanna be extra dirty, you can grab them ASAP after blocked wrath attack if you traded, and if they tech, they eat the rest of the wrath. If they don't tech, they eat your pretzel throw. Either way, their health is going to get chunked, unless you botch your pretzel and give them a super late tech.

Your ground Y normals both have slow startup, but are still your fastest buttons should you need to jab your way out of a stick situation. What you need to do know is, d+Y has faster startup, but is more minus and doesn't technically get you out of the situation, while st Y can reset the situation back to neutral, but is less likely to come out cuz the startup is worse. I'm not sure if st Y is even faster startup than just Y psycho crusher. Ideally you pick a spot where they're too close and go for a grab instead, but your range isn't great. However, your throws are better than most in the game, so it's usually a favorable gamble if you're both going for a grab. This is exactly as iffy as it sounds, and is why it's important to avoid this situation in the first place when playing Megalon. He can be really strong if you do everything right, but he really can't afford mistakes.

Regarding the pretzel throw input, the game actually checks for speed more than accuracy. The whole input needs to be done within the same ~20 frames or so from what I can tell. As for easy longcuts, qcf 270 b to u is about as smooth as it gets, like a really over exaggerated double qcf motion, and somewhat similar to the somersault strike longcut. Just doing a 720 in the right direction seems to also work.

Interestingly, they are projectile immune while airborne from pretzel throw, until they hit the ground for the second time.

Also noteworthy, qcf+Y ducks down much lower than his crouch. Because of its fast startup, you can use it to high crush like a normal sized character, ducking under and punishing the likes of Godzilla run slide X spam or his air fireball pressure.

Strategy Against

Data Arsenal

B.png + SFC A.png

  • Average hop

F.png + SFC A.png

  • Average hop. Whiffing Y psycho crusher is better for traveling long distances

SFC A.pngSFC A.png

  • ?

SFC B.png Range

  • Below average

Stun Gauge

  • ?

Stun Recovery

  • ?

Other Mechanics


Ground Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png

Jumping Normals

SFC Y.png

D.pngSFC Y.png

SFC X.png

D.pngSFC X.png


QCD.pngSFC B.png

Special Moves

Wrath Attack

HCB.pngF.png + SFC X.png


Tech Punish

  • d+hold X
  • Qcf+Y
    • Big damage. Looks iffy, but is only unsafe and punishable if they're cornered and have a good long range poke. Even then, those are typically not going to out damage a full 3 fireball segments

General OTG

  • d+hold X
  • ff+X
  • Qcb+Y xN
  • Meaty qcb+X


  • Qcb+Y/X, qcf+Y or ff+X
  • Qcd throw, OTG d+hold X
    • Easy peasy 50% damage bite throw. A majority of it from the d+X, so it doesn't even matter if they mash out. You can completely ignore his other throws because of this, besides the pretzel
  • j. d+X -> whatever you want
  • Wrath, ff+X
    • 100% stun or close. In cases where your wrath trades, you can act sooner and freestyle for more damage, making it an even more devastating antiair super than Godzilla's or MG74's. When this happens, you can try to stun with something that recovers faster like a firebomb so you can get even more damage during stun


  • Pretzel throw, X (1 hit), wrath
    • Guaranteed touch of death
  • Pretzel throw, X (1 hit), qcb+X
    • Meterless variant, ~60% damage. Suboptimal, but simple
  • Pretzel throw, dash under crossup, OTG qcb+Y, unblock meaty qcb+Y, ff+X
    • Optimal meterless pretzel combo, but very tight execution. ~65-80% damage and ~70-90% stun. Also gives them 100% wrath, but that probably only makes the imminent stun all the more inevitable. You get more damage if you walk slide away from them on both firebombs, causing more pillars to connect. The second firebomb can be subbed with an X one, but it requires much tighter timing, and is actually less damage if the opponent isn't fat since the bomb gets lobbed kinda far behind them, so not really worth the effort of learning
  • Qcd throw, stand bug X(3 hits), meaty qcb+X -> dash up roar(stun) or mixup
    • Actually less damage than his easy OTG combo, but roughly ~65% stun. Because crouching takes 1 frame, attempting this glitch is free by holding d and just attempting to mash X at the right time, reactively holding it when you see/hear the drill throw stop. If you pressed it frame perfect, then you haven't crouched yet and will get a st X. Otherwise, you get the 50% damage OTG d+X combo. Just don't overmash and get a 1 hit X
  • Qcd throw, stand bug ff+X, meaty qcb+X, dash up roar(stun)
    • 100% stun variant, but punishable if you don't get the glitch, so it's not practical unless you can consistently mash 1 button at 60+Hz. Because there will be variance to when the drill throw ends due to opponent mashing out at different speeds, this cannot be learned like normal 1 frame link combos




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