Ickybod Clay (Ultra)

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UCF IckyProfile.png
Ickybod Clay
Likes Night
Hates Day
Wants Night
Job Fright
Motto Run


Y UCF Icky4.png X UCF Icky3.png L UCF Icky5.png Select UCF Icky9.png
B UCF Icky2.png A UCF Icky1.png R UCF Icky6.png U UCF Icky7.png D UCF Icky8.png


  • Crouching HP.png, Standing HP.png, Close HK.png (Opponent must be airborne)


  • Dive Punch


  • Far MP.png, Crouching LK.png, Crouching MK.png, Crouching HK.png


  • Dive Punch

Special Moves

  • Teleport (can be done in midair): AnyP.png + AnyK.png (Same Strength) LP.png+LK.png = left side of screen MP.png+MK.png= middle of screen HP.png+HK.png = right side of screen
Icky's trademark teleport move which allows him to escape pressure with ease. This teleport has no invulnerability during execution but is extremely tricky to deal, the air version not only allows for grounded attacks but it keeps momentum allowing for mixup potential. Icky cannot teleport behind a cornered opponent.
  • Air Teleport Effects
After doing an air teleport, Icky is able to do his standing attacks in air. This means he can do more than 1 attack in air! The Teleport Throw/Shadow Throw from ClayFighter is still here using F.png + HK.png while in throw range above an opponent.
  • Ecto Ball: QCF.png+AnyP.png
Icky throws a fireball, the hand motion used for the fireball throw hits as well. Icky's fireball isn't designed to win fireball wars but is useful for filling the screen to allow for a safer teleports.
  • Spectre Smash: DP.png + AnyP.png
Useful 2 hit anti air attack with great vertical range.
  • Dart Dive (can be done in midair): Charge B.png, F.png + AnyP.png then
Quick dashing lunge attack that moves full screen and allows Icky to change directions after the initial attack on whiff, block or hit. Press the corresponding punch Dart Dive to do a second Dart Dive.

LP.png - Low Angle Dive

MP.png - Angled Dive

HP.png - Upward Dive

  • Peek-a-Boo (can be done in midair): QCF.png+AnyK.png
Forward moving uppercut attack with large invulnerability on start up, can cross through opponents but will not auto correct to turn around while punching. Strength determines distance of dodge, pressing any kick will start the move earlier allowing for more mix up potential and making it easier to react with.
  • Dark Spirit Fist: HCB.png+AnyK.png
Icky slides underneath the opponent and performs a two hit combo ending with a small launch. The LK.png version only moves forward with the two hit combo, this move is design to work in tandem with Peek-a-Boo to create mixup opporunities.
  • Dive Punch (midair): U.png, D.png + AnyP.png
Drops with a punch at an angle determined by the punch strength from the air, the HP version has the most horizontal range.

Super KO

  • Max Spectre Smash: LP.png+MP.png
Icky performs a forward dash into a Spectre Smash which will launch the opponent into the air.

Chains & Combos

UCFTE Cart US.png
Ultra ClayFighter Tournament Edition
Bad Mr. Frosty Blob Blue Seude Goo Bonker
Helga Ickybod Clay Taffy Tiny
Gold N.Boss
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