Ickybod Clay

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Ickybod Clay
Likes Night
Hates Day
Wants Night
Job Fright
Motto Run


A Icky A.png B Icky B.png X Icky X.png Y Icky Y.png

Normal Moves

Attack Stand Far Stand Close Crouching Jump Up Jump Left/ Right
Light Punch 3 3 3 3 3
Medium Punch 6 7 6 6 7
Heavy Punch 8 9 8 8 8
Light Kick 8 9 8 8 8
Medium Kick 10 13 11 13 11
Heavy Kick 14 20 17 17 17
  • Icky's Punches are very weak but his kicks are the strongest in the game and have Great reach.
  • Close HK.png is the single most damaging Normal in the entire game.


  • c.LK.png x3
  • LK.png x Infinity on jumping opponents in the corner.
  • c.LP.png x3
  • MK.png x3
  • c.MK.png x3

Special Moves


  • Ecto Ball: QCF.png+AnyP.png
A strong fireball with quick recovery. This move works well in combination with the teleport.


  • Boo-Hoo-Ken: DP.png + AnyP.png
This move is slow, but powerful. It's best to use this move for a Super KO attack because of its high damage.

Charge Attack

  • Dart Dive (can be done in midair): Charge B.png, F.png + AnyP.png
Dart Dive is almost as strong as the Medicine Ball. It starts slow, but begins to pick up speed. Sometimes this move will leave the opponent stunned for a long time, with chunks flying out of them. It can hit multiple times, but won't combo. In air, it travels straight for a bit, then begins to arch downward.
Special Damage
Attack Normal Super KO Chip
Ecto Ball 6, 10** 19, x** 2, 5**
Boo-Hoo-Ken 17 26 5
Dart Dive 13 20 4
 **(a,b) a= first physical hit. b= projectile.



  • Teleport (can be done in midair): AnyP.png + AnyK.png (Same Strength)
LP.png+LK.png = left side of screen.
MP.png+MK.png= mid screen.
HP.png+HK.png = right side of screen.
This move is great! It helps Icky move around the screen with ease. In air, you keep whatever momentum you had before the teleport.
  • Air Teleport Effects
After doing an air teleport, Icky is able to do his standing attacks in air. This means he can do more than 1 attack in air!
  • Air Teleport Throw/ Shadow Throw - Teleport (midair) F.png + HK.png while in throw range
It is considered a glitch, but it's one of Icky's greatest moves. After teleporting, you are able to throw the opponent while you're above or below them. It is able to interrupt certain special moves, and even all normal attacks. A way to gauge if you're in range is to see how close you are to your opponent's shadow. The front of your shadow should be on the front edge of the opponent's shadow.


  • Solid special moves.
  • Really strong kicks.
  • Best mobility!
  • Has a hold and a throw.


  • Weak punches.
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