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UCF HelgaProfile.png
Likes ???
Hates ???
Wants ???
Job Singer
Motto ???


Y UCF Helga4.png X UCF Helga3.png L UCF Helga6.png Select UCF Helga9.png
B UCF Helga2.png A UCF Helga1.png R UCF Helga5.png U UCF Helga7.png D UCF Helga8.png


  • Crouching MP.png, Crouching HP.png


  • Jumping HP.png


  • Crouching LK.png, Crouching MK.png, Crouching HK.png


  • Standing HK.png, Viking Ram

Special Moves

  • Yodel: Charge B.png, F.png+AnyP.png
Very fast start up disjointed hitbox which reaches a little further than half screen but can miss directly next to her. Destroys projectiles to allow Helga to deal with fireball pressure or just put pressure on an opponent without having to move in.
  • Long Yodel: Charge B.png, F.png+AnyK.png
A longer version of the yodel with the same hitbox properties. Destroys projectiles to allow Helga to deal with fireball pressure or just put pressure on an opponent without having to move in.
  • Tempest (can be done in midair): QCB.png+AnyK.png
Helga performs up to three attacks, depending on the version used she will either attack with a flying butt attack with LK.png, two kicks with MK.png or two kicks followed by a flying butt attack that knocks down HK.png. Very useful for ending combos or putting on pressure as the heavy version moves almost fullscreen.
  • Viking Ram (can be done in midair): QCF.png+AnyP.png
Helga launches herself spinning toward the opponent, this move has an unusual arc and can be very useful for moving around the screen quickly or to perform as a quick anti air. The MP and HP versions will likely go full screen but button strength determines horizontal distance and speed. It can overhead the opponent.
  • Odin's Rear: Charge D.png, U.png + AnyP.png
Helga jumps straight into the air with an uppercut the will launch the opponent and comes back down with a butt slam, punishable on block but as a charge move can be useful as a quick reversal option.
  • Flight of the Valkyrie: LP.png+LK.png (can be done in midair)
Helga launches up forward into the air and can cancel out of the dash with a jumping normal attack. It's possible to do two dashes in the air by canceling but if a third dash is done, Helga will fall to the ground. If Helga wait's to long to attack, Helga will also fall to the ground.

LP.png - Jumping Light Punch

MP.png - Jumping Medium Punch

HP.png - Jumping Heavy Punch

LK.png - Jumping Light Kick

MK.png - Double Kick

HK.png - Jumping Heavy Kick

Super KO

  • Diva Drill: LP.png+MP.png (can be done in midair)
One of the few Super KO's to work in the air, Helga will spin head first towards the opponent and cause a wallbounce on the final hit of the move. Helga can get up to four hits on this super. If performed in air, it's best to do it closer to the ground, since the first hit will send the opponent flying towards the ground.

Chains & Combos

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Ultra ClayFighter Tournament Edition
Bad Mr. Frosty Blob Blue Seude Goo Bonker
Helga Ickybod Clay Taffy Tiny
Gold N.Boss
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