Blob (Ultra)

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UCF BlobProfile.png
Likes Clay
Hates Hair
Wants Clay
Job Claymaker
Motto Bounce!


Y UCF Blob4.png X UCF Blob3.png L UCF Blob5.png Select UCF Blob9.png
B UCF Blob2.png A UCF Blob1.png R UCF Blob6.png U UCF Blob7.png D UCF Blob8.png


  • Close MP.png, Close HP.png, Crouching HP.png, Slyck-n-Slide


  • Crouching HP.png, Neutral Jumping HP.png (opponent must be airborne), Meteor Punch


  • Crouching MP.png, Crouching LK.png, Slyck-n-Slide


  • Crouching HK.png, Flying Boot, Meteor Punch

Special Moves

  • Clay Spit: QCF.png+AnyP.png
A very fast fireball with a startup animation that can hit, builds about a third of a meter and moves slowly to allow for setups using the more acrobatic moves Blob has.
  • Slyck-n-Slide: QCB.png+AnyK.png
Blob slides on the ground and on contact follows up with a launcher.
  • Buzzsaw (can be done in midair): Charge B.png,F.png+AnyP.png
Great combo starting special that cuts the opponent in half. Hits for a very limited time as Blob falls to the ground from the air version, which can be Useful for tricky crossups on opponents wakeup. Strength determines distance of attack.
  • Danger Flop: QCF.png+AnyK.png
Blob jumps forward and then attacks the opponent from behind, the move can be interrupted by several options and can be cancelled entirely by just pressing an attack right before hit hits the ground. Great for mixing up the opponent!

LP.png - Jumping Light Punch

MP.png - Jumping Medium Punch

HP.png - Hammer (Overhead)

LK.png - Jumping Light Kick

MK.png - Flying Boot

HK.png - Flying Boot

  • Slyck Sneak: LP.png+LK.png
Forward moving dodge with limited invulnerability, can cross through opponents. Cannot be interrupted but recovers quickly even when passing through opponent.
  • Meteor Punch: QCB.png+AnyP.png
Blob jumps backwards then flies back down at an angle determined by the punch button used causing a Hi-striker on hit, no matter if the opponent is on the ground or airborne.
  • Flying Boot: U.png, D.png+AnyK.png
Fast falling overhead attack that's useful for mixup.

Super KO

  • Blob Bomber: LP.png+MP.png
Blob slides towards the opponent and swallows them whole. After a while, Blob will turn into a bomb and blow himself and the opponent up. The opponent is then launched extremely high allowing for a follow up.

Chains & Combos

UCFTE Cart US.png
Ultra ClayFighter Tournament Edition
Bad Mr. Frosty Blob Blue Seude Goo Bonker
Helga Ickybod Clay Taffy Tiny
Gold N.Boss
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