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Blaze was born as a "Danpiel" with human and vampire ability. He is a hunter hunting Darkness clan and have a rival relationship with Cronos.
Alliance Hunter
Age Unknown
Height 180cm
Weight 75kg
Weapons Fire Blade
Bluntly in the rough field
Manipulate flames power. Stable performance orthodox type.

Blaze will be the midboss in single player when you're playing as a Darkness character.


Special Attacks

  • Spin Slash: + Attack
  • Air Slash: + Attack
  • Dash Slash: + Attack
  • Cross Fire (in air) + Attack
  • Fire Attack (in air) + Attack

Super Special Attacks

  • Danpiel Slash: + Attack
  • Dark Hunter: + Attack
  • Dark Hunter - Air: (in air) or + Attack

Synchro Gauge Trend

  • When life gauge becomes lower, it will be increase


Blaze is the best character in the game hands down. This includes his corner infinite, really good dashes, and plenty of mixup potential. He has many ways to combo, but the optimal ones without Super are a little tricky. His specials in the air let him move around, but in a game with so many movement options, they're not really useful at all.

Getting the most damage involves chaining his cr. A. If you can't get the timing down, simply do st. A>A instead. Air Slash is his most reliable combo into juggle. His A Spin Slash doesn't pop up like Nightmare, though B is very reliable. Most combos are best done with B Air Slash. The C version requires much more precision with only slightly more reward.

It is very easy to combo Dark Hunter into Air DH, though a bar can be saved by simply replacing the first DH with a special. Danpiel Slash is best used to show off or finish a blocking opponent. It does more chip, but as a single hit it doesn't hurt as much. The best way to get juggles is when done meaty.


  • Huge damage. With one bar he can do anywhere between 85 to 95%, and with two bars he can kill from most stray hits
  • Has the best low game because of crouch A being incredibly broken:
    • Crouch A is the only chainable light in the game
    • Crouch A is a corner infinite by itself on hit
    • You can do five of them in a combo mid-screen and even meterless the damage is 50+%
    • This being a true low is unorthodox for a fighting game
  • Good DP
  • Amazing IAD distance and combos


  • Cr. C is NOT a low
  • His air specials are quite iffy as attacks


  • Cr. A xN (corner only)

Corner infinite because he has the only chainable Crouch jab, and there's no pushback in the corner.

  • Cr. A xN>+M>Air Super

80 to 95% depending on how many jabs you can get for one bar. If you replace the QCB with an M DP (harder to time), it does an extra 4% damage and if you do a jump-in first this will just kill no matter what

  • IAD C>A>delay A>+B>Air super

96% or so off one bar If you combo into back super you can combo into air super from that for even more damage

  • Cr. C>+B>Air super

85% off slide for one bar

  • Cr. B>+A>Forward super

Basic knockdown conversion for ~60%. The slide can be kara-canceled into a special.

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