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Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
GWED boxart JP.png
Developer(s) Natsume
Publisher(s) Bandai
Producer(s) Makoto Asanuma, Kazumasa Ogata
Designer(s) Kunio Suzuki, Sunichi Taniguchi
Release Date Japan March 29, 1996


Shin Kidou Senshi Gundam W: Endless Duel (新機動戦記ガンダムW Endless Duel) aka Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is a Japan-exclusive 2D fighting game released in 1996. It was the first video game to be based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime series. GWED uses the same engine as another Natsume game, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition.


Endless Duel is notable for its movement options: By using the suit's boosters, players are able to forward dash, back dash, forward dash with blocking, super jump from the ground, hover by holding down, and boost up to twice in the air allowing for double jumps, triple jumps, cross overs, and many other movement options. Mobile Suits (minus Epyon) also have a Vulcan mechanic where at longer ranges you can expend ammo from the energy meter to get generic fireballs, which can then be special or super canceled.


  • Directional commands are listed assuming your character is facing right onscreen (1P side). B.png and F.png are reversed if you're facing the other direction.
  • F.png - Advance
  • B.png - Retreat (guard during enemy attack)
  • D.png - Crouch
  • DB.png - Guard low (during enemy attack)
  • U.png - Jump
  • Double tap Forward or Back - Dash
  • B.png or F.png + Any.png + Any.png - Boost Step
  • Ground or Air.png: Any.png + Any.png - Boost Jump
  • During Boost Jump descent: D.png - Hovering (Slows descent while holding D.png or until you attack)
  • During Boost Jump descent: B.png, UB.png, U.png, UF.png, or F.png + Any.png + Any.png - Air Dash
  • Any.png Face Button or Direction while knocked down - Quick Rise. This reduces total time spent in knockdown for each frame of input. Can be mashed.
  • WP.png or SP.png from far away with reticle on screen - Vulcan (costs energy)
  • WP.png - Weak Punch (by default SFC Y.png)
  • SP.png - Strong Punch (by default SFC X.png)
  • WW.png - Weak Weapon (by default SFC B.png)
  • SW.png - Strong Weapon (by default SFC A.png)
  • Near Opponent, B.png or F.png + WP.png - Weak Throw
  • Near Opponent, B.png or F.png + SP.png - Strong Throw
    • Both throw inputs respect direction
  • (D.png DF.png F.png) x 2 + Any.png - Super Attack (Universal)
    • Can be performed during block stun for a guard cancel super.

Note: Throughout this wiki, you may encounter moves described with numpad notation. This is the standard for expressing combos and a shorthand for motions and inputs in text.

Tier List

Top Epyon - Used to be allowed in tourney play, compared to the hidden character found in this game's Western sibling. Has been banned more frequently recently.
High Wing Zero - Its WP.png deceptively needs to be blocked low. High combo conversions. Normals have above average range and speed.
Shenlong - Has quick, long-range normals and decent damage. Offset by low defense and a low-damage super.
Mercurius - Great ranged normals. High combo damage potential. Planet Defense forces the opponent to wait through its invulnerability.
Wing - Heavy damage potential from SP juggle loop. Good all-around normals. Easy grab loop set-ups.
Good Tallgeese - Best air mobility. Has quick normals that can convert to combos, but those normals have weird angles and those combos have low damage.
Deathscythe - Has an easy-to-master infinite that can counter ranged projectile play. Has an invincible dash. Air DP.png+SP.png or SW.png is fully invulnerable. Below-average normals.
Sandrock - High defense and high damage. Heat Slicer can negate projectiles. Low mobility, below-average normals, and a very situational super.
Low Heavyarms - Having the longest throw range, it's the only Gundam that can't have their throw teched at a distance. High defense. Very slow, average-ranged normals.
Vayeate - Hard to master in general, but has decent pokes.

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