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  • cr.F1, cr.F2 xx Hell Grinder ( charge B,F + B2 or B3 ) is a go-to quick punish, if you can't get anything else.
  • from around range 2 / 2 character lengths away, cancelling F3, the first hit of cr. B2, or the first hit of B3 into Ancient Axe ( b,db,f+ B2 or B3 ) can start your ranged offense. You can also cancel first hit of B3, cr.B3 or F3 into Demon Axe ( hold F2 or F3, charge b 2sec, df,f ) to mix up timing and establish space control, as it can be troublesome to deal with due to how it has to be TB'ed.
  • in conjunction with the above, Axe Trip ( b,f,d,db + F2 ) lets you cancel into a low - this can be tricky to buffer, but landing it gets you a free OTG cr. F3 xx Hell Grinder.
  • Screaming Shield ( hold B2 or B3, f,u,f )'s medium strength version can function much like a shorthop jump-in from the KOF series, allowing you to get in and start combos at the right range. It also serves as Zorn's power Deflect and cannot be clashed with, as trying to do so will stun the opponent, opening them up to free damage.
  • Zorn's Shield Crack ( hold B2 or B3, u,b,d ) causes guard drop.
  • A well timed baited clash with ranged F1 cancelled into Hellfire ( hold F2 or F3, d,df,u ) will result in Weapon Break for the opponent.



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