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He is a Wolfe clan Warrior who continues to fight humans being from ancient times.
Alliance Jon Talbain
Weapons Fangs, nails, tough body
The beast and hungry for blood
Good in speedy attack using fangs and nails.


Special Attacks

  • Front Assault: QCF + Attack
  • Upper Assault: DP + Attack
  • Rolling: RDP + Attack
  • Air Assault: (in air) QCF + Attack
  • Intruder: (in air) QCB + Attack

Super Special Attacks

  • Blood grid: QCFx2 + Attack
  • Break Spine: QCBx2 + Attack
  • Wolfe Tornado: (in air) QCFx2 or QCBx2 + Attack

Synchro Gauge Trends

  • When life gauge decreases, bonus amount will be increase
  • After battle began, bonus amount will be increase for a while


Wurzel is great at rushdown. His movement speed is only rivaled by Emily. Assault moves are great to approach and pressure, but he's at a slight disadvantage unless he knocks down. These moves do plenty of chip damage since they don't bounce off on block. Air Assault is safer, but the startup on the harder versions makes it easy to see coming.

Getting a single hit with Wurzel is all he needs to do some nice damage. If it's a knockdown, he can get some corner push. It doesn't matter from where. He can convert from both the ground and air for nice damage without meter. Meter is simply icing on the cake for the wolf.

Never use his ground supers raw. Both need the first hit to properly connect to work. In most situations you are better off using his Blood Grid since it does more damage and juggles. Break Spine does less damage, but is a safer option to end juggles. Wolfe Tornado's unfavorable angle makes it only work from his back spins, and even then the timing is tight.


  • Can kill From any screen position with 2 bars
  • Corner infinite
  • Fast movement speed
  • Several hit-confirm combos


  • Supers do not continue if blocked.
  • Outside of Intruder infinite, air combos are tricky using Air Super


  • A,A,Forward Super X2(Cancel on last hit)

100% combo From anywhere On the screen as long as you are close enough for the jabs

  • Air qcb+C X N

Corner Juggle infinite

  • Air H, QCF+H

A powerful aerial confirm from any situation.

Unholy Night
Blaze Cronos Emily
Nightmare Reinhardt Wurzel
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