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War, Infernal Combatant
TMNTTF War PromoArt.jpg
Height 6'00"
Weight 350 lbs.
Eyes Green
Age ?
Birthplace Underworld
Weapons 6-inch talons
Favorite Activities Anything nasty
Ultimate Goals Destruction


Originally a member of the Four Horsemen in the Archie Comics, War's origins are a bit muddy in the TF continuity but for the most part he's accurately depicted as menacingly violent and brutal.

Unfortunately that doesn't translate to him being a good character to fight as since most of his tools are severely lacking. He's slow, his jump arc is awkward, his moves can't be canceled to allow for advantageous combos, said moves also have terrible recovery and can easily be punished if allowed the opportunity, his headbutt special technique can only work against airborne opponents on a good day, and for lack of a better word his super attack (The Flyin' Hawaiian Disco-tech Edition) just plain STINKS.

However, with enough determination and understanding of the fact that you've just handicapped yourself against every other character in the game (including another War) you can definitely (kinda sorta) stand a chance.


Player 1 WarC1.png
Player 2 WarC2.png

Exclusive to Championship Edition

(TMNT Adventures)
WarC3.png Pestilence
(TMNT Adventures)
WarC4.png Rocksteady WarC5.png
TMNT Adventures cover WarC6.png Bone WarC7.png Slash
(TMNT Adventures)
Doppleganger WarC9.png Doppleganger
WarC10.png Mirage Comics WarC11.png
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Data Arsenal

War Frame Data 1.JPG War Frame Data 2.JPG


  • Death From Above (Charge attack)
    • Charge D.png, U.png + AnyK.png
  • Mach Slash (Charge attack)
    • Charge B.png, F.png + AnyP.png
  • Impaler (Headbutt):
    • LP.png + LK.png
  • Flyin' Hawaiian Disco-Tech Edition (Super):
    • HP.png + HK.png when Ultimate Attack Meter is full

Hitbox Info (Where War's Goofy Traits Begin To Rear Their Ugly Heads)

  • War's Close HK.png On the first and second hits

War's Close HK On The First Hit.PNG War's Close HK On The Second Hit.PNG

  • War's Close LK.png

War's Close LK.PNG

  • War's Close HP.png

War's Close HP.PNG (The Same As His Standing HP.png)

  • War's Close LP.png

War's Close LP.PNG

  • War's Crouching HK.png

War's Crouching HK.PNG

  • War's Crouching HP.png

War's Crouching HP.PNG

  • War's Crouching LK.png

War's Crouching LK.PNG

  • War's Crouching LP.png

War's Crouching LP.PNG

  • War's Standing HK.png

War's Far HK (this is a fucking sweep).PNG THIS IS A SWEEP, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. BLOCK LOW OR DIE.

  • War's Standing HP.png

War's Far HP.PNG

  • War's Standing LK.png

War's Far LK.PNG

  • War's Standing LP.png

War's Far LP.PNG

  • War's Jumping HK.png

War's Jumping HK.PNG

  • War's Jumping HP.png

War's Jumping HP.PNG

  • War's Jumping LK.png

War's Jumping LK.PNG

  • War's Jumping LP.png

War's Jumping LP.PNG


War's FLYIN' HAWAIIAN~!!!.PNG(The Guy Just Becomes A HitBox For A Time)

  • War's Headbutt

War's Headbutt.PNG

  • Death From Above

War's HK Stomp.PNG

  • Mach Slash

War's HP Uppercut.PNG


Aight, Real Deal Holyfield Fellas, you're going to have to be creative to stand a chance against some of the toughest Fighters out there and to do that you'll need to exploit the insane quirks of War's moves.Standing HK.png is a Sweep, unbeknownst to any poor sucker going against War and close LK.png (or a crouching LK.png) acts as an unblockable on Armmaggon, Aska, and Shredder. who are crouch blocking. Abuse these two attacks to the best of your abilities. In addition, War's pressure is solid enough that you can actually build meter while cornering your opponent into what would seem like a good situation to block in but is in fact an invitation to be punished for practicality. Heavy Pressure,building meter, and impracticality is War's go-to strategy. When this doesn't work, bust out the Flyin' Hawaiian and hope it works (you'll have enough meter because your health will be low, and your health will definitely be low because why else would you be using The Flyin' Hawaiian? How would you have gotten that much meter unless you were winning but then if you were winning you wouldn't bust out the Flyin' Hawaiian now,would you??)

Unblockables.gif Dude i was blawking.gif

Lightning Notes For War

  • Flyin' Hawaiian is a faulty super because of its incredibly specific pattern.Mastering its timing and the spacing of each ricochet is tough, but if done at the right section of the screen it can chip,tear up an unblocking combatant, or just keep them honest while you stay safe from a distance.Once War lands back down you can have him attack right out of his invincibility frames or block.

Flying in the corner.gif Flying in the other corner.gif Flying midscreen.gif

  • Instant Air LK.png is a solid way to counter a good number of opponents in the air and a solid way to jump in on a grounded opponent for an intense block string, ESPECIALLY on wakeup.
  • Pokes while low on Health with HP.png to build meter on block or on hit is a good way to stall for the flying Hawaiian, just don't forget to watch out for the super meter's gradual degeneration.
  • War's throw is immensely useful for close encounters and using it often will remind an advancing foe to watch out or be tossed.
  • War's Mach Slash is good as an anti-air and good for dizzying after 2-3 hits.Once dizzied,War's best option is to throw the dizzied victim onto the floor and start it all over again.
  • Standing HK.png is a good poke just like standing HP.png but with that oh-so delicious benefit of causing a knockdown if blocked standing.Make sure your opponent doesn't keep this in mind and use it as a backup poke instead of your go-to.


  • Buffering inputs is important for any charge character, but it's always good to have that fundamental reminder for a character like War no matter what.
  • Death From Above is incredibly effective in dodging Aska's Super without taking any damage whatsoever so long as its execution is well-timed.It won't hurt Aska but as soon as War is near her,He's got to start attacking immediately before the recovering Aska is out of her invincibility frames,lest he be downed with an attack unwittingly.

Tmnt Tf Ce.gif

  • Wingnut's air game can be whittled down slowly and carefully with a well-timed Instant AirLK.png, giving War the opportunity to corner him and start an insane block string provided that War do his best to avoid being tossed into the Bat's infamous loops.That especially means Wingnut's air dives, but it has to be done at the right time.

Getownd.gif Getownd 2.gif

  • War's Standing LK.png overhead trick is perfect for disrupting the buffers of a crouching charge character(i.e.Armaggon's especially damaging Shark Upper).
  • If P1 is playing as War, then their Death From Above will be treated as an overhead to a blocking second player opponent but the reverse will not occur for the 2nd player.
  • Mach Slash's HP.png variant is incredibly fast and goes pretty far across the screen in a decent amount of time, as does Death From Above and its variants.
  • Death From Above will bounce War back into his original position before the jump on LK.png and will send him on the opposite side of the opponent on HK.png(This won't occur when War is doing this to an opponent in the corner however, and War will just land back to where he was before the jump). This can be punished in the right circumstances so be careful.

Shoutouts to Kosheh,Rockforge, and the Fellas in the TF Discord for doin' their best,keepin' the brawl lively and jammin

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