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Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter
UnholyNight boxart.png
Developer(s) Foxbat
Publisher(s) JP: BlazePro
NA: Retroism
EU: JoshProd
Release Date JP: April 8, 2017
NA, EU: June 19, 2017


Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter is a 2d fighting game for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo released in 2017 (yes, that's not a typo) by Foxbat, a company supposedly comprised of several ex-SNK developers.

In ancient times, the 'Darkness Clan' hunted humans, but disappeared at the rise of civilisation and now inhabit the Dark-side. There exist 'Hunters' who venture into the Dark-side and hunt the Darkness Clan.

In the 'Dragon Palace', a place of sealing powers, is a coffin containing the strongest vampire, Katatonia. Gradually the 'Dragon Aura' of the palace has weakened and is now broken - unsealing the coffin. The world will enter a Dark Era once this immensely powerful being has awoken.

The Darkness Clan want to harness Katatonia's power, and again invade the human realm to find the Dragon Palace and revive Katatonia, while the Hunters work to contain it. Thus begins the death battle between the Hunters and the Darkness Clan.


Basic Controls

U.png - Jump

B.png - Retreat (guard during enemy attack)

D.png - Crouch

F.png - Forward

B button - Weak attack (referred to as 'A' attack)

A button - Medium attack (referred to as 'B' attack)

X button - Strong attack (referred to as 'C' attack)

Y/L/R button - charge the Synchro Gauge

Universal Controls

Front Step (dash)/Back Step (backdash) - B.pngB.png or F.pngF.png (dashing is possible in the air)

Big Jump (superjump) - D.pngU.png

Front Step Attack - Attack during a front step/dash

Guard Cancel - During guard, press F.png + any Attack (will use 1 Synchro gauge stock)

Throw F.png or B.png + Attack when near opponent (Manual says only A or B)

Rear lever attack - B.png + Attack

Tactical attack - pressing A attack multiple times will perform a short auto-combo. Like, 2 hits short.

Passive - during blown off damage grounded, press Attack (???)

Dragon punch shortcuts

These are pretty much Needed to play the game because without them screwing up a DP.png or RDP.png motion will just use a super simply holding D.png during these motions fixes the problem.



B.png D.png B.png

D.png B.png B.png(only works on hit)

Synchro Gauge

The Synchro Gauge is a meter which tracks a form of power which can be used for multiple game systems, in particular Supers and Guard Cancels.

  • A maximum of 3 stocks comprise a full Synchro gauge.
  • A super move or a guard cancel will reduce the Synchro gauge by 1 stock.
  • Synchro gauge may be gained by the following:
    • Guarding opponent attacks
    • Receiving damage
    • Damaging your opponent
    • Your opponent guarding your attack
    • Manually charging the gauge by holding the 'charge synchro gauge' button.
  • There is a universal increase to charging under these conditions:
    • If life is less than half
    • Near the start of the battle (How long? Each round?)
  • Additionally, each character has their own 'Synchro Gauge Trend' which alters the charging behaviour.

Tier List

Boss Katatonia - Can zone, heal, and get himself out of almost any situation.
Top Blaze - Overall extremely solid. Huge damage off 1 stock. 1-button corner infinite.
High Nightmare - Great keepaway and damage with or without Meter.
Good Wurzel - Has a corner infinite, Can kill from jabs for 2 bars.
Cronos - Air super can do ~100% damage on its own, and there are many setups.
Mid Emily - Low damage without meter, short range, mash move easy to perform on accident, making ground normals impossible half the time.
Low/Garbage Reinhardt - Zoning sucks, bad normals, terrible damage aside from dumb situations, supers are all uniquely bad in some way and whiff hardcore in the corner. Insane recovery on specials.


Unholy Night is unquestionably Kusoge - a shitty game. Here are some reasons why.

  • Choppy gameplay which hampers movement and inputs, making combos and general gameplay fairly inconsistent
  • 2nd player controls buggy
    • Charge moves do not work
    • Cannot do quick getup
  • Horrible corner handling:
    • Ground moves cause no pushback on the attacker (causing at least one infinite)
    • Supers are incredibly prone to bouncing out of the corner, losing damage. It's generally better to combo from the corner rather than into it.
  • Super motions are actually FDF/BFB, meaning they overlap DP motions and take priority.
  • Very short stages, which make the corner handling even more annoying
  • Inconsistent mechanics - some characters back throw is performed with B+Attack, some with F+Attack, and front throw vice-versa.
  • No damage scaling, causing many 60-100% damage combos
  • Some supers can do 100% damage by themselves
  • Stupid infinites (cr.A repeatedly in the corner? Come on!)
  • Holding an attack button completely removes the ability to move your character.
    • No negative-edge for specials
  • Only one char can chain cr.A. Actually a good thing, since it's an infinite.
  • Some combination of winquote screen causes a soft lock
  • 2p mode of game just dumps you back out to the main menu after 1 match
  • No controller config options


  • It is highly suggested that Katatonia is playable on given his position on the select screen and having his own story. However, the actual method is currently unknown. The only solution right now is to modify the RAM. Once you find the proper address simply change it to 6.
  • Sound test: Hold L+R and Start on the title screen
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Unholy Night
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