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Ayako Yuuki
結城 綾子
SVG Ayako Bio.png
Name Meaning "design" (綾)(aya); "child" (子)(ko)
"contract" (結)(yuu); "castle" (城)(ki)
Age 19
Birthday November 29 (Sagittarius)
Height 163 cm.
Measurements 85-54-88 (cm.)
From Kyoto (metropolitan area)
Restaurant SoTO
(Based off the Japanese dance club "METRO".)
Fighting Style Garyuu Dance Kakutougi (Self-taught Dance Weaponless Fighting)


Ayako Yuuki (結城 綾子 Yūki Ayako) is the star attraction at SoTO, a techno/rave dance club and restaurant popular among young adults, where she dazzles visitors with her flashy dancing. While appearing on the surface to be nothing more than a good-looking "party girl", Ayako spends a great deal of her free time providing volunteer services to the needy and homeless. She also makes a pastime of luring out rapists, muggers, and stalkers and then beating them within an inch of their lives because they do unjust things to women.


Ayako is a pseudo-aggressive poke character who has to wait for opportunities before she can turn up her aggression after getting in range. What she lacks in combos, she can make up with her long-reaching and strong basics to get some damage until she can get herself in close. The consensus tends to lean that Ayako is near the bottom of the tier list, but this is because while her damage is decently high she can be predictable and most of the other characters can counter her fairly easily. Still a fun character if you want a bit of an underdog challenge.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
  • Great backdash: Possesses the best backdash in the game with a lengthy 24F of invincibility—twice as long as others—allowing her to evade attacks and escape dangers.
  • High damage normals: All of her basics do 2~3 damage more than the average. 2HP is faster than some of her Lights.
  • Pokes and range: 2LK and the second hit of 5HP have a lot of reach. 2LK can even go underneath some projectiles.
  • Many anti-airs: 5HK, 2LP, 2HP, Mach Spin, and Rave Storm all put a stop to aerial approaches.
  • Rave Storm abuse: At 9F, 214HK is Ayako's go-to attack to get her into melee range, or to cancel out of any high-recovery attacks. It leaves her safe and not many characters can counter it.
  • Unblockable Super Art: Another reason to get Ayako in melee is because her Super Art deals good damage and its grab range is second to Jun's.
  • Waiting game: Can be a bit slow to engage, waiting for the opponent's mistakes or unpreparedness before she can become offensive. If she gets pushed out she'll have to start over to get back in.
  • Combos?: Doesn't have much in the linking and flashy combo action department.
  • No projectile: This is only a factor whenever fighting against Eleanor.
  • No okizeme: Many of Ayako's attacks don't cause a knockdown, so she can't pressure the opponent as they are recovering.
  • Mach Spin: Nearly everything about it. Rarely use it. Seriously.

Data Arsenal

Forward Dash Duration Backward Dash Duration Pre-jump Frames Jump Duration Landing Frames Knockdown Recovery
14 frames 25 frames
(1~24F: invincible)
1 frame 48 frames 3 frames 11 frames

Move List

Normal Attacks

SVG Ayako 5LP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 Mid.png 7 5 6 +3

Spinning face slap.
5LP is nowhere near Ayako's best Light attack, and its only real benefit is that the hitbox is up near Ayako's head and is wide so it can anti-air in situations where 2HP may not have the horizontal reach. It's also the second slowest 5LP behind Jun's.

SVG Ayako 5HP-1.png
1st hit
SVG Ayako 5HP-2.png
2nd hit
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12+12 Mid.png 10 4(5)4 5 +7

Spinning double slap.
5HP is Ayako's most damaging normal, and luckily the hits combo. The range of the first hit is the same as 5LP, but the second has a slightly wider hitbox than the sprite's hand. It also has a somewhat higher hitbox so some characters can crouch avoid it. At 10F it's also her slowest ground basic, so finding a place to use it can be a challenge. One way to set it up is after 2LP where it's possible to frame trap. Because the attack pushes Ayako backward, only 2LK has the reach to link to it and she can hit with 1~2 of them before canceling into Rave Storm to keep pressure.

  • Slowest basic attack.
SVG Ayako 5LK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 Mid.png 5 8 5 +1

Butt bump.
5LK is among Ayako's fastest normals and it practically does everything 5LP does, but safer. It surprisingly has more range than it looks and can't be crouch avoided. While its hitbox is not as high, it anti-airs just about as good at certain ranges.

SVG Ayako 5HK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 Mid.png 9 4 13 -1

Backflip kick.
5HK adds to the list of Ayako's oblique-looking anti-airs. It stands out because most of Ayako's hurtbox is stretched back way behind her kicking leg, which can keep her safe from trades. It's not that quick, but like many of Ayako's attacks its range is deceptively larger than it looks to hit from a safe distance.

SVG Ayako 2LP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 Mid.png 3 2 3 +8

Crouching upward finger poke.
2LP has the worst range of all of Ayako's normals, but that +8 is what makes it desireable. The only situations where Ayako is close enough to catch with it would be:

1) after Rave Storm, to be a faster attack that then links into a 2LK spam, or
2) after HK throwing the opponent into the corner. It leaves Ayako right on top of them, so she can use it as they are recovering. If they guard it, it doesn't push Ayako back far and the blockstun created is enough for her to walk up and throw again, setting them back in the vortex. If it hits, well, kind of the same situation is created, or use a corner combo. Yuka and Satomi can DP out of this corner trap, Reimi can Hurricane Rose, and Kaori can Tatsu on wakeup, but other characters have a difficult time escaping.
SVG Ayako 2HP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 Mid.png 5 4 5 +7

Standing upward finger poke.
2HP is easily the best non-special anti-air attack in the game—a quick 90º strike. It hits high above Ayako's hurtbox, beating out an incredible amount of aerial attacks and jump-in attempts if used early. The only attacks that have a higher tendency to trade with it are Eleanor's Elirin Kick and Satomi's Shinkuu Karatakewari, and that just depends on timing. After knocking an opponent out the air, cancel into 214HK for follow-up pressure and to possibly catch them on their unguardable landing frame.

SVG Ayako 2LK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 Low.png 5 3 4 +7

Extended low kick.
2LK makes up half of Ayako's offensive drives. This kick poke has the best range of all her normals, is LOW, is safe, goes underneath most projectiles, and can link into itself 3~4 times before canceling into Rave Storm. The opponent will probably get annoyed at seeing this attack used so often, but who cares. Keep doing it. It's Ayako's best ground attack and allows her the openings she needs to deal with stronger opponents. Even if guarded it pushes them back to be in perfect Rave Storm range so Ayako can land from it safely.

SVG Ayako 2HK-1.png
Forward hit
SVG Ayako 2HK-2.png
Backward hit
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 Low.png 8 6(7)6 20 Knockdown.png / -22

Low spinning sweep.
2HK has all the same hitbox and hurtbox dimensions as 2LK, and can be used to cap off a 2LK assault. Either on hit or guard it's a good idea to cancel into Rave Storm just to keep close and to avoid the long recovery time. Cross-ups aren't too common in Super V.G., but 2HK is a great counter to them since it hits on both sides of Ayako.

SVG Ayako j8LP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 High.png 4 3(2)3(3)5 X+Ground Varies

Aerial twirling slap.
j8.LP shouldn't be used. The hitbox isn't that large, and landing after it hits doesn't create a lot of stun. Potentially, it might be a decent air-vs-air attack, but that requires the opponent to be right next to Ayako.

  • + Has a hitbox around her arms on both sides of her body with each spin.
SVG Ayako j8HP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 High.png 7 Ground —— Varies

Aerial twirling slap.
j8.HP is j8.LP with more damage and the added benefit of lasting Ayako's entire air duration. It doesn't make the attack incredibly better than the Light version, but has a higher percentage of hitting as the hitboxes create a mini aura around Ayako that can trade against a jump-in.

  • + Has a hitbox around her arms on both sides of her body with each spin.
SVG Ayako j8LK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 High.png 7 Ground —— Varies

Aerial knee thrust.
j8.LK shares a theme of having Ayako's hurtbox mostly lower and back behind her hitbox. This is a better air-to-air counter, and works nice for a vertical attack to descend on a close opponent.

SVG Ayako j8HK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 High.png 12 5 X+Ground Varies

Aerial backflip kick.
j8.HK looks the same as 5HK, but the same benefits don't carry over. Its hitbox is basically just around Ayako's foot, which is at an odd angle when up in the air. Any opponent can also just crouch to avoid it. It also doesn't last very long so trying to time it to catch an opponent in the air can be difficult.

SVG Ayako j79LP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 High.png 4 Ground —— Varies

Aerial downward finger poke.
j9.LP would be a decent jump-in if j9.LK didn't exist. Since it does, this is useless.

SVG Ayako j79HP.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 High.png 7 17 X+Ground Varies

Aerial strong downward finger poke.
j9.HP is the attack to use only if you know for sure you will hit with a jump-in, land, and be able to continue on. Its low angle is what makes it good to hit with deep so you can attack or throw once Ayako lands.

SVG Ayako j79LK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
8 High.png 7 Ground —— Varies

Aerial downward kick.
j9.LK is flying 2LK. Its range and full air duration make it a great attack to knock opponents out the air, or to use after scoring a knockdown to come in with a HIGH attack. It won't win against anti-airs or Reimi's Hurricane Rose, but might be able to snuff them if they try to counter too late.

SVG Ayako j79HK.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
12 High.png 5 15 X+Ground Varies

Aerial strong knee thrust.
j9.HK suffers the same problems as j8.HK in that its hitbox is small (only around Ayako's knee), and at an angle to easily be crouched. Like j8.LK its a solid air-to-air counter with how far Ayako's knee sticks out.


B.png or F.pngHP.png
SVG Ayako HPThrow.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
26 Throw.png 1 1 —— Knockdown.png Unblockable.png

Flipping leg throw.
Ayako has another throw that does +1 damage and gives better positioning, so Ashinage is arguably not worth it. On the flip side, the only place where it might be better than Ren Shōda is when used in the corner. It pushes Ayako away some, creating a bit of a gap about as far as the full range of Ayako's 2LK, so can hit with that while being somewhat out of DP range if attempting to bait a wakeup.

Ren Shōda
B.png or F.pngHK.png
SVG Ayako HKThrow.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
27 Throw.png 1 1 —— Knockdown.png Unblockable.png

Continuous face slapping.
Ren Shōda is the go-to throw for damage and positioning. Most noticeably in the corner where Ayako ends up right atop the opponent, allowing her to attack while they are recovering.

  • It's weird that the slapping throw is with HK.png, and the leg throw is with HP.png.

Special Attacks

Mach Spin
SVG Ayako 236K-1.png
Ground flare
SVG Ayako 236K-2.png
Ascending drill
SVG Ayako 236K-3.png
Descending drill
Version Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
LK.png 12,12,12 Mid.png 7 3(3)3(6)21(3)15 10 -48
Version Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
HK.png 16+16,16 Mid.png 7 2(3)3(5)24(3)13 15 -37

Spiraling upward and downward drill kicks. HK.png ascends higher than LK.png.
Mach Spin in Super V.G., unfortunately, doesn't do what it was initially designed to do. Since the juggling mechanic from Advanced was removed, they also took away the knockdown hit state that lead into it. That removes this attack from being a powerful combo ender and instead leaves it as a modest anti-air. The problem is 2HP exists and it's much safer and faster.
While not a completely worthless attack, it can be risky to use. After a single and close 2LK hit, can cancel into 236HK to have the first two hits combo for good damage. It doesn't knock the opponent back far, but the downward drill can make them wary of trying to counterattack too early else it will trade.

  • There are four separate kicks to each Mach Spin: Ayako's ground flare (which is like her 2HK that hits in both directions), the ascending drill, and the descending drill.
  • None of the hits for 236LK combo. The opponent has a 2F gap after the first kick hits to guard the ascending drill. Nor does the descending drill combo after the ascending one.
  • + 236HK's first two hits do combo. The descending drill still does not.
  • + The ascending drill for 236LK can hit twice only against Ayako and Satomi, and those hits also combo.
Rave Storm
SVG Ayako 214K.png
Version Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
LK.png 22 Mid.png 11 10 11 -3 Movesforward.png

Advancing somersault kick.

  • No reason to use this version since HK.png is better in every possible way.
Version Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
HK.png 24 Mid.png 9 8 10 +2 Movesforward.png

Advancing somersault kick.
HK Rave Storm makes up that other 50% of Ayako's offense, pairing with her 2LK spam. This move is what allows Ayako to compete against the rest of the cast. Not a conventional type of Tatsu, but it keeps Ayako aggressive to push opponents toward the corner. Most of her blockstrings end with 2LK or 2HK, canceling into 214HK to maintain closeness. After landing, Ayako usually has two options: 2LK or throw. 2LP is also viable, but typically better used once in the corner. Despite how this attack looks Ayako does not have many frames of LOW invincibility during her somersault, so some long-reaching 2HKs can knock her out of the attack if they read that it's coming. She can still go over attacks with small hitboxes like Reimi's 2LK and Kaori's 2HP. That shouldn't be a deterrent—if you haven't used 214HK more than a dozen times during a match, you're not using it enough!

Super Art

★ Spiral Dive
At 33% HP and close,
SVG Ayako 23623PK-1.png
SVG Ayako 23623PK-2.png
Damage Guard Level Startup Active Recovery Advantage on Hit/Guard Properties
60 Throw.png 1 1 —— Knockdown.png Unblockable.png

Leg grab into descending drill.
Ayako becomes increasingly more scary once she gains access to Spiral Dive because it's a threat each and every time she lands after Rave Storm. It's her comeback factor. There is little to nothing an opponent can do to escape it once Ayako is close enough because its grab range is the second-highest in the game behind Jun's command throws. Remember that you can throw opponents while they are in guardstun, so 2LK and Rave Storm are both great lead-ins to Spiral Dive. The command notation is fairly strict, so you can't do a pair of sloppy 236s. Seems to help to end firmly on down-forward before hitting the buttons.

  • Switches sides.
  • Throw range: 64.
  • There's a bit of a programming error with the aftermath of this attack. Because the attack switches sides, it doesn't fully acknowledge it all the time after the attack. Ayako can sometimes jump in one direction, but be facing the opposite.



Ayako has the fastest walk speed, so she can move and attack quickly with footsies. 2LK makes up the crux of her poking strikes and it links into itself to fish for hit confirms. This leads into 214HK to close gaps and keep her on the offensive. Rarely should Ayako need to back out, but her high backdash invincibility allows her to avoid incomings so she can situate herself again.


2HP. It won't steer you wrong.


214HK. This is Ayako's meat and potatoes. It leaves her safe and near the opponent, opening up a throw/2LK mixup. It travels rather far with a large hitbox, either trading or outright beating many attacks.


Not much of an oki game. After most knockdowns Ayako just wants to Rave Storm to get back up close again.


Ayako's long 24F backdash invincibility can avoid many things like fast projectiles and corner pressure better than every other character, but it can be tricky to time for some attacks. She also has a really high jump elevation to get over things like Reimi's Burning Rose which others can't.


vs. Ayako:

Epic dance battle of the century! 2LK and 2HK beat Rave Storm rather consistently.

vs. Chiho:

Minor Ayako edge, but could be even. Chiho's strength lies primarily in her many linkable basics and Hien Geki combos. The most important thing is not to get backed into a corner because Chiho can overwhelm with her poking 5LK pressure. Once you manage to hit with 2LK, Chiho can get pushed out of range to force her to re-engage. Most Chihos aren't going to use Hien Geki to close gaps like Ayako can do with Rave Storm, so there should be little need to worry about that. Chiho instead has her immense jump height and slide, but Ayako can stop them with 2HP and 2LK, respectively. This can kind of go either way depending on who's more assertive.

vs. Elirin:

Major Eleanor edge. This entire match depends on how lame the Elirin player wants to play and how much patience the Ayako player has. She can just spam HP Elirin Fire the entire time to run out the clock, and there is little Ayako can do. The only real solution is to get as close as you can to the flame's edge, dash in and HK Rave Storm to hit Eleanor before another flame is released. Once (and if) you get into melee range, you have to stay there by any means necessary, not giving Eleanor an ounce of breathing room. Guarding the flame doesn't push Ayako completely out, so she can Rave Storm back in. It's only when Ayako is out past the maximum reach of Elirin Fire that it becomes a waiting game to try and get in close again. There is probably little need for Eleanor to do anything more than Elirin Fire against Ayako. Some might use Elirin Kick to attempt and get out of corner pressure since it has cross-up potential, but 2HP can knock them back into it if read. They aren't going to use Elirin Punch unless they score a combo. This is purely a zoning fight for Eleanor and a frustrating one for Ayako since she doesn't have a projectile.

vs. Jun:

Jun edge. You can play incredibly safe and backdash or jump back after Rave Storm to stay out of Buster range, then re-engage as it seems fit. Keep it inconsistent because Jun can Earth Shaker to counter, so be cautious. Besides that, Ayako kind of has to run and gun here because Jun can grab when you least expect it, and that's 33% of Ayako's life gone. If there's any gap in between 2LKs, Jun also can buffer a Buster to counter.

vs. Kaori:

Kaori edge, but it's not as much of a nightmare as it probably should be. Ayako can handle a lot of what Kaori throws at her with the exception of j.2P divekick. 2HP doesn't have the horizontal reach to stop it. If for whatever reason Kaori does headstomp too high, just 2HP her on recoil to punish. Kaori's Tatsu beats Rave Storm hands down because of the i-frames; however, if Kaori uses it at range to try and get in, 2HK stops it. 2HK also can go underneath Kaori's fireball. 2LK is fast enough to trigger Kaori's low guard bug, but she can't get a huge payoff from it. The goal is just to keep Kaori from getting close enough to throw or set up her infinite because it'll be difficult to push her back out.

vs. Manami:

Ayako edge. Free HK Rave Storm punish whenever she uses any Gorogoro. The main danger is Manami's 5LK that she can use to press you back toward the corner and potentially trade with Rave Storm. Ayako still has the reach advantage so force distance with 2LK until you can turn the pressure back on Manami.

vs. Reimi:

Major Reimi edge. Reimi is the queen of frame traps, and her 1F 2LK can punish just about any attempt to attack her and lead into a combo. Missed Hurricane Rose can't be 2HP'd, so you have to catch Reimi on landing. Ayako gets no distinct advantages anywhere in this match, you just need to feel out Reimi to find openings in her pressure game.

vs. Satomi:

Satomi edge. If Kaen Zan wasn't 1F, this would almost feel even. Satomi excels in knocking people away with her DP, and any inkling of Rave Storm or slow 2LK will set it off. Even if you push her into the corner, your pressure can get shut down with a Kaen Zan counter. 3HP slide beats Rave Storm usually—it can have some weird exchanges where sometimes it wins, other times the two attacks seem to ignore each other. Guarding slide gives you free 2LK punish. Satomi can only do damage in melee range; it's there she becomes a terror with her own 2LK combos. Her only ways in are jumping and sliding (because 41236P dive is begging for a 2HP counter), and Ayako can stop them both if she plays safe.

vs. Yuka:

Yuka edge. Yuka just doesn't care: she can shut down Rave Storm with her invincible DP on reaction. Or after a 2LK spam blockstring. Ayako is also one of the few who suffers both hits of 623HP anywhere on the screen, making some of those counters hurt. Not much can be done to punish Yuka because just about anything she does is safe. Souryuu Geki can have weird exchanges and not the best horizontal reach though, and may only clip Ayako if she's crouching, so you can catch Yuka on her landing frames with 2LK or 2HK. Jumping over a fireball is just begging for a DP counter, so avoid that up close. This is where Mach Spin can come in handy because at some ranges Ayako swoops underneath the blast to counter. If a Rave Storm does connect, pause and see how Yuka responds. Baiting a DP can give you the edge on damage.



2LP > 2LK XX 214HK (3hit - 40 dmg)


2LP > 2HP XX 214HK (3hit - 44 dmg)
2HP > 2LK > 2LK > 2LK (4 hit - 36 dmg)
5HP > 2LK (3 hit - 32 dmg)


HP.png SVG Ayako Color 01.png
HK.png SVG Ayako Color 02.png

SVG Cart JP.png
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