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Super V.G.: Variable Geo
SVG boxart JP.png
Developer(s) TGL
Publisher(s) TGL
Release Date JP: July 21, 1995


Super Variable Geo (スーパーヴァリアブル・ジオ), or just Super V.G. or SVG, is the only Super Famicom entry of the long-running Japan-only bishoujou fighting game series which originated on the PC-98 back in 1993 and has since spanned across multiple consoles including the TurboGrafx-16, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and modern PC, with its more recent entries instead being visual novels. The series features an all-female cast of unique characters and has hentai origins and association, but that is completely omitted from the SFC version. The basic plot revolves around restaurants that sponsor their waitresses in a weaponless fighting tournament hosted by Reimi Jahana to crown the strongest female (or "Virgin Goddess") in order to gain popularity and patronage.

Super V.G. is a watered-down version of its TG-16 predecessor Advanced V.G., losing story mode, a combo meter, juggles, Clone Yuka, two secret characters, and various character-specific specials. (Basically the game had to be stripped—pun unintended—to fit into an SFC cart.) In exchange, matches are more grounded, possessing an increased footsie-based neutral game. It also has a heavy sway toward matchup composition where counterpicks can become extremely noteworthy. There are notable flaws with the system and its characters, and there's tech that can be frustrating to deal with, but nothing that makes this title unplayable. The gameplay is smooth, controls are overall solid, and combos range from simple cancels to frame-perfect links. Most players who are familiar with the series are probably more drawn toward Advanced V.G. 2 as the "Super Turbo" of the V.G. Universe, and for good reason, but Super V.G. should not be overlooked and is arguably the next best game in the series. This title still holds up well and can be played at both a fun and competitive level.


Variable Geo. .. This is a weaponless fighting tournament held once a year to decide on the strongest waitress. The super major multinational corporation Jahana Group sponsors this tournament with a prize of a total amount of ¥1,000,000,000. (About 10$ million.) Furthermore, the player will belong to the enterprise and will be given a first-class residence in their district.

Already the meeting has been held three times to count, the defending champion Reimi Jahana has not been defeated, at least not yet ..


Yuka Takeuchi Jun Kubota Chiho Masuda Manami Kusunoki

Satomi Yajima Ayako Yuuki Eleanor "Elirin" Goldsmith Kaori Yanase Reimi Jahana


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SVG Cart JP.png
Super Variable Geo
Ayako Yuuki Chiho Masuda Eleanor Goldsmith
Jun Kubota Kaori Yanase Manami Kusunoki
Reimi Jahana Satomi Yajima Yuka Takeuchi