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* Three throw types: Normal throw, Air throw, and Command throw.
* Everyone has at least one throw using [[Image:B.png|35px]]/[[Image:F.png|35px]] + [[Image:HP.png|25px]]. Throws can toss opponents in both directions.
* Everyone has at least one throw using [[Image:B.png|35px]]/[[Image:F.png|35px]] + [[Image:HP.png|25px]]. Throws can toss opponents in both directions.
* Chiho has the only air throw.
* Throws cannot be escaped or softened.
* Throws cannot be escaped or softened.
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'''Basic Controls'''
'''Basic Controls'''
[[File:numpadnotation.jpg|thumb|right|Numpad Notation]]
[[File:numpadnotation.jpg|thumb|right|Numpad Notation]]
[[File:SVGcontrols.png|thumb|right|Joystick Configuration]]
[[File:UB.png]]/[[File:U.png]]/[[File:UF.png]] [7 / 8 / 9] - Jump
[[File:UB.png]]/[[File:U.png]]/[[File:UF.png]] [7 / 8 / 9] - Jump

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Super V.G.: Variable Geo
SVG boxart JP.png
Developer(s) TGL
Publisher(s) TGL
Release Date JP: July 21, 1995



Super Variable Geo (スーパーヴァリアブル・ジオ), or just Super V.G., is the only Super Famicom entry of the long-running Japan-only bishoujou fighting game series, which originated on the PC-98 back in 1993, and has since spanned across multiple consoles including the TurboGrafx-16, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and modern PC, with its more recent entries instead being visual novels. The series features an all-female cast of unique characters, and has hentai origins and association, but this is completely omitted from the SFC version. The basic plot revolves around restaurants who sponsor their waitresses in a weaponless fighting tournament hosted by Reimi Jyahana to crown the strongest female (or "Virgin Goddess"), in order to gain popularity and patronage.

Super V.G. is a watered-down version of its TG-16 predecessor Advanced V.G., and loses story mode, a combo meter, juggles, two secret characters, and various character-specific specials. (Basically the game had to be stripped—pun unintended—to fit into an SFC cart.) In exchange matches are more grounded, possessing an increased footsie-based neutral game. There are notable flaws with characters, and tech which can be frustrating to deal with, but nothing that makes the game unplayable. The gameplay is smooth, controls are solid, and combos range from simple cancels to frame-perfect links. Most players who are familiar with the series are probably more drawn toward Advanced V.G. 2 as the "Super Turbo" of the V.G. Universe, but Super V.G. should not be overlooked. This title still holds up well and can be played at both a fun and competitive level.


Normal Attacks

  • Four attack buttons: 2 Punches and 2 Kicks, of Light and Heavy strengths.
  • Characters have some varying attacks when they jump vertically [j8] as opposed to jumping diagonally [j7/9]. Vertical attacks usually have much shorter ranges, but are better to counter other aerials.


  • All characters can both forward dash and backdash. Everyone's forward dash lasts longer than their backdash, except for Ayako's.
  • Backdashes are all invincible for their duration except the last 1~2 frames (character dependent), where then the player can then only guard. Ayako has the best backdash at 25F; Erina & Kaori both have the worst at 9F.

Attacks & Damage Mechanics

  • Moves can hit MID, LOW, or HIGH. All characters have two LOW attacks: 2LK and 2HK. Chiho and Satomi have additional command LOWs. Jumping attacks are always HIGH.
  • There is no chaining system (besides rapid-fire Lights). All combos are performed via links. (Plinking is possible.)
  • There is no air guarding. Knocking an opponent out the air with an attack causes them to go into landing recovery—the same as they would after a jump—which lasts 1F where they cannot guard.
  • Everyone has 1,680 vitality, and all characters take the same amount of damage from attacks.
  • There is no damage scaling. All hits do their full 100% damage regardless of where they are in a combo.


  • Three throw types: Normal throw, Air throw, and Command throw.
  • Everyone has at least one throw using B.png/F.png + HP.png. Throws can toss opponents in both directions.
  • Chiho has the only air throw.
  • Throws cannot be escaped or softened.

Special Moves + Super Arts

  • All special attacks and Super Arts are MID.
  • There is a 14F window after input to press a button for a special. This gap allows for some additional movement, such as Chiho can 2144P to backdash before throwing Shi Sen Ken.
  • Typically most normals are cancelable into Specials and Super Arts. Heavys have easier canceling windows, but some Lights are viable.
  • Super Arts are only available when the character has 33% HP or less, but there is no visual representation, so it has to be guessed. All involve a command + AnyP.pngAnyK.png input. The 'PK' must be the same strength, but there is no difference between pressing both Lights versus both Heavys.
  • Once a character is at 33% HP, they can perform an infinite amount of Super Arts.


  • Directional commands are listed assuming your character is facing right on-screen (1P side). B.png [4] and F.png [6] are reversed if you're facing the other direction. The numbers refer to "Numpad Notation".

Basic Controls

Numpad Notation
Joystick Configuration

UB.png/U.png/UF.png [7 / 8 / 9] - Jump

B.png [4] - Retreat (guard during enemy attack)

D.png [2] - Crouch

DB.png [1] - Defensive Crouch (during enemy attack)

F.png [6] - Advance

Y button - LP.png

X button - HP.png

B button - LK.png

A button - HK.png

Universal Controls

F.pngF.png [66] - Forward Dash

B.pngB.png [44] - Back Dash

F.png + HP.png / HK.png [6HP/6HK] - Throw Forward

B.png + HP.png / HK.png [4HP/4HK] - Throw Backward


  • Bikkuri Monkey - Satomi's Stage (Soft-banned; mild foreground obstuction)
  • CASO - Chiho's Stage (Tournament Banned; heavy foreground obstruction)
  • Fusiya Confectionery - Manami's Stage (Soft-banned; mild foreground obstruction)
  • Hanna Miller's - Yuka's Stage
  • Jyahana Estate - Reimi's Stage
  • MoHi Kan - Kaori's Stage (Tournament Banned; heavy foreground obstruction)
  • The Rival - Erina's Stage
  • Ska Lark - Jun's Stage
  • SoTO - Ayako's Stage (Soft-banned; epilepsy/intense flashing lights, yet they don't cause frame drops)

Playable Characters

There are 9 characters in Super V.G. Click on each character below to view their moves & strategies. An overall Character Move List is available for printing.

Character Move List
Yuka 1PW.pngYuka Takeuchi Jun 1PW.pngJun Kubota Chiho 1PW.pngChiho Masuda
Manami 1PW.pngManami Kusunoki Satomi 1PW.pngSatomi Yajima Ayako 1PW.pngAyako Yuuki
Eleanor 1PW.pngEleanor "Elirin" Goldsmith Kaori 1PW.pngKaori Yanase Reimi 1PW.pngReimi Jyahana

Tier List

S Kaori 1PW.png
A Satomi 1PW.png Reimi 1PW.png
B Yuka 1PW.png Chiho 1PW.png Eleanor 1PW.png
C Jun 1PW.png Manami 1PW.png Ayako 1PW.png

SVG Cart JP.png
Super Variable Geo
Ayako Yuuki Chiho Masuda Eleanor Goldsmith
Jun Kubota Kaori Yanase Manami Kusunoki
Reimi Jyahana Satomi Yajima Yuka Takeuchi
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